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Fri May 31, 2013, 08:41 PM May 2013

Pray to god but row away from the rocks

So far the only thing that about half of us will do is pray. When storms come on a weekly basis we hear about people cowering in their bathtubs praying, crowded into hallways praying, sitting in a room praying. They hope and pray that the storm wont hit, or that it wont destroy their house or kill their loved ones, but they never seem to be willing to row away from the rocks.

It angers me to an insane degree when the policy makers and politicians tell us to pray. This is not a debate about deities, but since one has yet to intervene personally, can we stop putting all of our eggs into that one basket and maybe just maybe start trying to take care of ourselves and row away from the damn rocks.

Build a shelter, have a plan in place to survive, have a plan in place to respond and dig out the bodies, but since it appears that we are on our own can we start to take a little responsibility?

I live in Florida and have a wife and toddler, as soon as a hurricane or storm forms that looks like it might threaten my area, we're heading out of town. I'm not going to sit hunkered in a bathtub praying.

I know that the Bible Belt will continue to pray, but I hope that they also take responsibility for themselves and take action to avoid or respond to disaster. I really hope that the politicians will take actions, make plans, and fund responders.

(Oh yes, the quote from the subject line comes from Hunter S Thompson)

Pray to god but row away from the rocks (Original Post) NightWatcher May 2013 OP
That would be socialism, and we just can't have that. Archaic May 2013 #1


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1. That would be socialism, and we just can't have that.
Fri May 31, 2013, 08:49 PM
May 2013

They'd rather get on TV after half the town is gone and give the rugged individualist's creed: We'll rebuild, we're not like those folks who want everything given to them...

They want the Red Cross in there every time, because somebody else gave them money, not the government that TOOK their money to have people that can respond.

It sucks. Towns can find the cash for a 4th of July noise and pollutionpalooza, but can't keep some MREs and water on hand.

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