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Thu Jun 27, 2013, 12:52 PM


"...Davis would need to filibuster for two weeks."

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...Republicans are not accepting defeat, and an expert on Texas electoral law says the state's GOPers know that Texas Gov. Rick Perry still has an opportunity to put an identical anti-abortion bill to the floor, in another special session that could be held any time. If that happens, even a state senator as heroic and unwilling to sit down as Davis might not be able to stop the bill from passing.

Mark Jones, a political science professor at Rice University, says, "Republican Senate leaders realized they were on very shaky legal ground" when they declared victory on Senate Bill 5 a couple minutes after midnight—going so far as to change the time stamp on the Legislature's official web page. "The practical route for them to follow is recognize defeat here, and focus on getting identical legislation passed in the second special session where time will not be an issue like in the first…Davis would need to filibuster for two weeks."

Here's how it works: Under Texas law, the governor can call as many "special" 30-day voting sessions as he wants, to deal with one or more specific pieces of legislation of his or her choosing. During these special sessions, only a simple majority is needed to put a bill to vote, instead of the more commonly used two-thirds majority. The two-thirds rule, as Jones explains, generally "keeps the GOP from moving too far to the right" during the regular voting process.

In the special session that just ended, the abortion bill did not reach the state Senate floor until the final day, thanks to stalling maneuvers mounted by Texas Democrats. This meant that Davis only had to filibuster the session for the final 11 hours of the session it took to kill the bill. But Jones predicts that an identical bill introduced in a new special session would have more than enough support to pass in the state House and Senate. And it could hit the Senate floor weeks before the session ends.

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THE REST of the story about how The American Taliban plan to RAM their deadly extremist ideology through. . .


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