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Wed Feb 22, 2012, 08:02 PM

The WORST article of the day - Time Magazine - exposing Heartland hurts science

The Heartland Affair: A Climate Champion Cheats and We All Lose


As his apology concedes, what Gleick did was wrong. No reputable investigative reporter certainly not one who worked at TIME would be employed for long after obtaining insider information by lying the way Gleick did. Think of the outcry over James O'Keefe's use of sting tactics to record employees from the now defunct political group ACORN as they gave advice to a supposed pimp and prostitute (actually O'Keefe and an associate).
The author should be fired for writing his horrific cover-article for exposed liars. There was outcry about O'Keefe (and Fox News) contrived lie?

If anything, the Heartland memos which are now hard to judge because we can't be sure exactly what's real indicate that fossil-fuel companies don't seem to be spending that much money on climate denial, at least with this group. Exxon stopped donating in 2006 it had given $675,000 before that while the archconservative Koch Foundation gave just $25,000 in 2011, all of it earmarked for health care research. Most of the money seems to come from individuals, including one person referred to as "the Anonymous Donor" in the memos who gave $14.26 million to Heartland over the past six years. While that's strange there must be better uses of $14.26 million it doesn't exactly seem like a vast right-wing conspiracy, even if one person parted with a lot of cash.
$15,000,000 sounds pretty well funded to me

The Heartland Institute seems to be mulling its legal options for now, though in the court of karma it may simply be getting its just due. Back in 2009, when a still unknown hacker stole and posted thousands of private e-mails from climate scientists in the controversy that became known as Climategate, Heartland didn't seem too worried about the provenance of the documents. "This is new and real evidence that [climate scientists] should examine and then comment on publicly," Heartland president Bast wrote after the e-mails surfaced in 2009. That the "new and real evidence" had been hacked didn't bother Heartland any more than the fact that many of the Heartland memos were obtained deceitfully has much bothered many climate activists even after Gleick's admission.
The author finally gets back to what should have lead the article....well that and the fact that a conspiracy was exposed.

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