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Thu Oct 3, 2013, 02:38 PM Oct 2013

Imagine Rush is right...

Imagine Rush is right.

What if you believed this? What if you believed and formed your worldview based upon the preaching of Rush and Hannity and O’Reilly and Fox News? Imagine if you REALLY believed that there was a "War on Christmas"? Imagine believing that the real problem in America was liberalism. Imagine believing that the solution to every problem was less government and more Jesus.

Imagine it.

Picture yourself: you are an older white male (mid to late sixties on average) and you have spent the last twenty years watching your country and culture collapse. Year after year it just gets worse and worse. That’s what you believe, because that’s what your news and information sources have told you. You do not watch or listen to any other news sources because they all lie, and you know they lie because that is what Rush and Fox tell you.

So there you sit, growing older, your country and culture falling apart, and you know both the disease and the cure, but no one is even listening to you. Conservatism cannot fail, it can only be failed. Your solution, the True Conservative solution, has never been tried. And you are scared and angry.

You believe that there is a Muslim Marxist gun-grabbing radical leftist in the White House. President Hussein Obama pals around with terrorists and he hates America and white people. That’s what your media has told you. Not just once, but ten thousand times, every fifteen minutes, for as long as they have been on the air telling the truth. And the problem isn’t just this President, it’s liberals in general.

They want to take all your money and give it to minorities, they hate America and refuse to defend it, they want to ram their homosexual agenda down your throat, they are corrupting your grandkids with their lies about evolution and the Big Bang and the environment, and an ever growing swath of the population are falling for it! They are OPENLY mocking your values.

They are even saying that this is not a Christian nation!

You have been waiting for the inevitable collapse your entire life. Rush has told you it’s coming. Hannity and Fox news have told you it’s coming. Your preacher has told you it’s coming. You are old and tired of waiting. You want to watch it burn to the ground…

You want your Armageddon.

Imagine believing all this, really believing it.

They see themselves crawling from the ashes of the Liberal Secular apocalypse, bible in one hand and AR15 in the other. That’s what they want. There are millions of them, that's their fantasy--

And they are very fucking dangerous.

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11. Respectfully... NO
Thu Oct 3, 2013, 05:17 PM
Oct 2013

They are not concerned with success because they do not believe that success is even POSSIBLE. But they ARE worried that the "liberal lamestream media" might trick people into believing that it is working. And in any case, no matter how successful the ACA might eventually become, no matter how popular it is, these people will never hear about it. They exist in an alternative reality bubble. And while that alternative reality is fraying as it clashes ever more with reality, and an ever increasing number are escaping, those who remain inside have become even more fanatical and demented -- a cycle that will only continue.

They hate Obamacare and Obama and Liberals for the same reason the Germans in the 1930s hated the Jews -- that's what they were told to hate. They are given a new list of reasons to justify that hate every single day. Every day Rush and Fox report on a new outrage, and the liberal lame-stream media never touches these fictional stories (thus tightening the cognitive dissonance noose). Think of them as religious fanatics (which many of them are); no facts or logic can scratch the armor of their faith, and any such attempt only makes their faith stronger.

Consider, we are talking here about people who actually believe that Sarah Palin is smart and well informed -- and in any case Jesus will tell her what to do. That's how indoctrinated these people are. There is literally nothing, no matter how ludicrous and preposterous, that the core will not accept.



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4. Yeah, but it's important to understand how and why...
Thu Oct 3, 2013, 02:59 PM
Oct 2013

That's the danger of limiting yourself to an echo chamber. While it might seem like hyperbole, I believe that everything I wrote is true. This is how many of these people see the world, it is what those who remain within the bubble believe.


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7. Just remember we don't make up our Armies with people in their mid to late sixties
Thu Oct 3, 2013, 03:46 PM
Oct 2013

And that is for a very good reason. While they may be unhappy and have all kinds of feelings of revolt and such, they still are mostly in bed by eight and have a good supply of medicines on hand..They are a dying breed, and the next generation is not nearly as paranoid.. There is HOPE.



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8. Of course there is! They are literally a dying breed...
Thu Oct 3, 2013, 03:52 PM
Oct 2013

They know it as well, and it is a major factor in their desperation and the danger they pose.


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9. I don't have to imagine it.
Thu Oct 3, 2013, 03:59 PM
Oct 2013

All I have to do is look at Facebook. Your write-up is accurate, except for one thing: I'm seeing just as many 60+ year-old females as males, with these unfortunate views.


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10. There are no shortage of women, but the primary demographic...
Thu Oct 3, 2013, 04:02 PM
Oct 2013

Of the Fox News and Rush audience is white males, late sixties.

This is not to say that social conservatives -- and that's who we are talking about here -- lack for female supporters.


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12. As Ye reap so shall Ye sow....
Thu Oct 3, 2013, 05:39 PM
Oct 2013

They have been howling imaginary rhetoric all very nasty-all directed at "liberals" for years on RW radio....

And I've long held its similar to & as dangerous as what happened in Rhawanda.

I'm fairly certain they will find this mother of the year to be a teabagger with a history of listening to Insanity/Lintballs & Glenn speck.


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13. This is how they view it, in one movie scene
Thu Oct 3, 2013, 05:42 PM
Oct 2013

They're the redstates ... err redcoats. Ironic, considering what they named themselves. But this is the fantasy that's playing in their heads right now.


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15. In response to your subject line;
Thu Oct 3, 2013, 07:14 PM
Oct 2013

no can do. Several of my brain cells got together and sent a note threatening me with immediate brain death if I even tried.

As to the rest of your post; I've met them and they're beyond scary. You can not speak with them about anything other than what they "know." Brick walls are more amenable to discussion.



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18. Of course not, some of what he says is borderline trolling his own listeners...
Fri Oct 4, 2013, 12:41 PM
Oct 2013

But many of his other comments reveal exactly what a twisted and sick bastard he is. But yeah, I agree, he says crazy shit he doesn't believe. To a great extent he has no choice (note: not an excuse). In order to maintain his listenership and that cognitive dissonance bubble he must report on a new 'liberal outrage' every single day -- and preferably more than one. Next, he must remind his listeners, yet again, that the dirty liberal mainstream media is not reporting this story, or if they are not putting the same spin on it that he is. This is a common denominator between all of these propagandists. And the more "liberal outrages" he can come up with the better off he is -- even if one or two of his accusations are dismissed by the listeners, what about all the rest?

Rush's style is to add a bit of humor to the propoganda medicine, as he says it: to point out the absurdity of liberals by being absurd himself. It's clever, because it allows him to fall back on that as an excuse for his remarks. Further, he is (or was) very careful to craft his complaints about subjective rather than objective incidents and issues, and as often as possible the crime is not what actualy occured, but what he subjective intretation of meaning. So, for example, a photo surfaces of a white Marine holding the President's umbrella. This is, of course, an "outrage," not only because it could be an illegal order, and not only because it demonstrates President Obama's hatred for white people, but because it shows the contempt President Obama feels towards our Military -- and this, Ladies and Gentlemen, during a time of war, thus proving his hatred for America and secret collusion with the Muslim Brotherhood.

There is no way to counter that crap. A photo of a Republican President (Bush, for example) doing the exact same thing doesn't do it. The photo of Obama is a picture of his contempt for the Military, America, white people, families, and Jesus. The image of Bush is just the noble President spending time with and honoring a Marine.

All you can do is laugh. But some people aren't laughing. They believe every word.

But before you get too smug remember this: we Democrats are not immune to this by any means. It is something we must all be on guard against.

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