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Tue Aug 19, 2014, 08:04 PM


'Compelling Strategic Interest' in Iraq - What the hell did we think was going to happen?

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'Compelling Strategic Interest' . . . that's what the Democratic legislator on CNN just called the slippery slope of an 'expanding mission' in Iraq; now with Congress set to line up like sheep to give their vote of approval for continuing the new administration's old military mission there. We're just a few Democratic votes away from an enabling complicity.

It's a fool's venture, complete with self-perpetuating violence to draw more and more combatants to the cause of opposing America there. We're in Iraq for good this time. I honestly think this is what many of the people who tell me that we HAVE to fight these insurgents in Iraq because they're evil and they hate them and the rest wanted all along.

The vast majority of Americans never had to sacrifice a thing for Bush's wars. Opposing it was to oppose Bush, anti-war was just a political abstraction. There was mass slaughter of Iraqis and American journalists, as well died in Bush's Iraq war. Still we called on him to just end it. Not this time around. Where's the principle? Where are the anti-war values? Where did those voices go? The vast majority of Democrats who opposed Bush's folly will sacrifice even less now that they've shed their political nemesis and are free to cheer war on like proper patriots under their leader of choice.

'Anti war' seems now like a game some played against Bush in the face of the relative quiet there is now against this administration's warring in Iraq - most of the anti-war sentiment drowned out with shallow appeals to support this Democratic president in one 'humanitarian' exercise of our military after the next. I trusted him - damn right I did. I trusted him to get us out of Iraq and keep us out. Damn right I did. Yes, I fucking did.

Yeah, talk me down. Tell me how much I hate the president. Tell me that I can't possibly be serious about opposing war in Iraq . . .why, we're just having a little war, a few airstrikes Ridicule me some more. How can you be so angry? It's just a few airstrikes against evil fundamentalists.

Who could possibly object? You've really changed! You never supported him. You've gone off the deep end. You need to spend time away from the board. You're a troll! I'm sick of this negative talk! You're on ignore!

Supporters of this new mission in Iraq were either hopelessly naive and clueless about the consequences of this action or they're complicit with every nod of approval and every cheer they make for military strikes. We're never going to leave Iraq this time around. There's ALWAYS going to be some atrocity which draws the ignorant and the zealous in and has them either nodding or cheering in approval for more. That's how war goes. Learn it, because we're going to have to live with it.

There are 'boots on the ground' right now. I frankly believe that claiming or accepting the nonsense that there aren't is an insult and a disregard for the troops already there. Supporters? Come out from behind the rhetoric that the politicians are crafting to excuse and justify war in Iraq and and admit that behind all of the strident talk about defeating this latest group of insurgents is a deliberate lure that's now snagged our nation and yanked us back into the same folly we fought so hard to get out of.

It's the terrorist's design - it was the bin-Laden gang's design - get the U.S. close enough so they can zero in on us and get on with their jihad, their holy war against the 'great satan.' They've told us this, our government and military knew this going in.

The military isn't somehow caught off-guard by the horrible violence springing up from these Islamic combatants. Defeating them is a delusion the military has had since they first crafted their 'evil axis' patter to jazz Americans into letting them try their new weapons out; working Americans up into letting them explode their bombs on 'evil ones' and 'fundamentalists.'

We're just targets in Iraq now and our politicians will supplying all the troops and money as the terrorists provide the atrocities for pretext. We never learn. All of the promises to stay away from 'dumb wars' and nonsense about 'just war' is either ignorant or a deception. Take your pick.

We should never have returned troops to Iraq. The hawks are dupes for the combatants' violent bait. We should know better, but I can see that we don't. Anytime folks are ready to stand up and say 'enough' to this 'dumb' warring, I'll be here to lend my voice. There no such thing as limited strikes, limited war. We're finding out the hard way tonight.

Does the name Michael Kelly mean anything to anyone? Steven Vincent? What about Terence Lloyd? Paul_Douglas? Or even Josť Couso? Look their names up sometime.

Don't give me this crap about not caring about the violence perpetrated from these Iraqi insurgents. There is not amount of troops, airstrikes, or any other attacks which will end the cycle of violence. All we can end is our ignorant and gullible part in it. Yeah, I heard their demand for the U.S. to stop the airstrikes. Like any hostage taker, there isn't any regard at all for the human lives that they lure into their web of violence.

They don't want us to stop. They never want us to stop warring there. Iraq is the holy caliphate; the land where they fight Americans for their delusions of blessed victory over the infidels. We never learn.

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