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Fri Jun 3, 2016, 08:55 AM

Trump is a sponger, a deadbeat, a swindler. His career is based on theft and non-payment

The mind truly boggles that the media just lets this human garbage can run around and say things, never checks him, and never reports on his long and well-documented history of just screwing over people he owes debts to.

Could I dislike this asshat more? I could not.

let's start with his famous bankruptcies. When his opponents point out that going bankrupt multiple times makes him look like a failed businessman, Trump turns it around by saying it was shrewd of him to go bankrupt - just using the system to his advantage. And everyone nods and agrees . . .the rules allow him to do it, and it was to his advantage, so why not? Well, the people he was screwing over in these bankruptcies - his investors, the contractors who had agreed to build something for him and had already invested the time, labor, and materials, the other businesses that had provided him with services or goods, but would never be repaid - were the ones he stiffed. How many other businesses had to go out of business or declare bankruptcy because Hurricane Donald just decided not to pay his debts? How many lives were ruined because they trusted him to do a business transaction?

An old cliche is that good businesses are built on trust. For Trump's partners in business, I'm sure that is a painful reminder of the way he reneges on his contracts


the above article shows that Trump signs contracts, has work done, and then "feels like he was overcharged" and refuses to pay the amounts he agreed on.

There is article after article about how he doesn't pay his bills:




Trump DOESN'T PAY HIS BILLS. How nice would that be for the ordinary citizen? Despite all of that, it is becoming clear that he isn't nearly as rich as he claims to be. Even with screwing over all the people he promises to pay, he's been slowly losing his daddy's inheritance (which he screwed his brother out of).

What a piece of garbage. This is why reputation and gossip was so important to the original tribes of homo sapiens - to find out who kept their deals and who cheated. And Trump is a monumental cheater.

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