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Tue Sep 27, 2016, 10:01 AM

Poker players would love to play against dipshit donnie

He had so many tells it was funny. He had the look at the audience while squinting his eyes looking sideways at her. He fidgeted, almost ruined his manicure squeezing the podium so hard, had the I'm going to look up and try to pretend that didn't sting, etc. Going to copy and paste some of the other stuff he did I listed in another post below.

Copy and paste
Dipshit choked. He looked like someone kicked his butt. He whined. Kept doing that stupid bobblehead motion where he leans his head back and closes his eyes. At least he didn't do the whole thing he did during the primaries where he would bobblehead while opening and closing his mouth like a fish out of water trying to mock the opponent. I guess that was a big victory for him. I think they told him to wear depends and when he is getting ready to blow a gasket take a drink of water. They may have put some happy place medicine in the water for him. He would take a drink while taking squinting look at Hillary and missed his mouth at least one time. Didn't spill at least so he didn't look like he was drooling. He rambled on just tossing random brain farts. So in the end I guess he made it over the piece of tape on the floor bar the media has set for him.

Copy and paste over

And he has convinced some that he is some kind of great negotiator. It looks like the only thing he could negotiate is having someone else do that for him.

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