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Thu Nov 24, 2016, 03:53 PM

Challenge the Selection!

Is this the purpose of the Green Party (now that the Libertarian Party is being used to siphon votes from the Dem)? Jill Stein is raising money for a recount in the states that were stolen--stolen based upon exit poll/tabulated vote discrepancies that occurred only in e-voting districts. Recall that a famous statistician hypothesized in 2004 that some voters were reluctant to tell exit pollsters that they voted for W. for fear that the pollsters were mock them. They were only afraid to do this in precincts that did not have paper ballots. Presumably, paper ballots instill a sense of honesty in voters that makes them overcome their fear of being mocked by exit pollsters---the so called "reluctant responder theory" is now being trotted out to explain the latest vote. It is complete and utter bullshit of course. Americans are proud of being dumb and voting with their hearts and not their minds. They will deliberately tell pollsters that the sun revolves around the earth even though they know better just to mess with them.

If the votes from the areas with the exit poll/tabulated vote discrepancies were corrected, Hillary would win. This was a surgical precision hack, designed to do the least damage while achieving the desired result. However, the hackers miscalculated. If it looks too precise, it does not look random. They should have launched massive hacks, made numbers look crazy in lots of places.

I suggest getting some computer people in there. Even if the hackers think they deleted the hack after election day, there will still be traces. Unless they inserted a hack to make the whole thing crash if anyone attempts to inspect it. But I am pretty sure that the right people could get around that, too. Everything leaves a footprint in software.

Oh, and Obama, while you are still in charge of the NSA, I suggest that you use your power to monitor any transmissions made by foreign nationals--i.e. folks in Russia and Eastern Europe. Read all the emails. Listen to all the phone calls. Those folks have no Constitutional protections and I am willing to bet that someone somewhere spilled the beans to someone else, if only to advise them to place a bet on Trump because the fix was in. Once you have the Russian conspirators, then you have the US conspirators. Go after an underling. Give that person immunity to talk. Do it fast. The window of opportunity will close soon.

From my old election fraud cartoon site, Grand Theft Election Ohio. Don't make me revive it as Grand Theft Election Ohio 2: Russia Strikes Back

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