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Sat Dec 17, 2016, 08:33 AM


Hillary blames Putin for her loss. Poll: Majority don't believe that. Maybe the fact Americans believe Putin over Hillary is why she lost. 10:15 PM - 16 Dec 2016
Ann Coulter and every other republican who sings russia's praises need to be tried for treason. This is un american behavior. There has been this underlying shadow throughout our modern history. The assassination of JFK tied back to russia and cuba and went unresolved. Nixon getting chummy with communist china. They have sold us out to the highest bidder. They still believe that war will generate wealth, the last ones created it in china because nothing is made here. We act shocked when china or another country steals our military technology secrets but everything is made there, what idiot would believe they wouldn't. Having business deals with these other countries has transferred our wealth out of our country. In the case of china they have put that wealth into their military. Russia is there waiting for it's chance at us. Trump owes billions to russia. Tillerson is a threat to our national security. His allegiance is with Russia and so is Trump's. They support whoever can supply their addiction to money. The real god of the republicans. ][link:|

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