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Mon Feb 20, 2017, 03:04 PM

Two Words: Special Prosecutor

It's past time. Everyone, even Trump's base can see the writing on the wall (though some of them can not read it).

When a respected member of the Department of Justice (Sally Yates) is fired for trying to defend the rule of law and when the Attorney General is a member of Trump's presidential campaign, everyone---even Trump's base---knows that the nation must go outside the Department of Justice for Justice in this case.

When long term, faithful members of the Republican Party like Lindsey Graham and John McCain break ranks, it's a sign that behind all the smoke there is a roaring fire. Republicans are never unfaithful to one of their own. Ever. Which means that the Republican Party does not consider Trump one of its own. Their attempts to delay the inevitable are for show----so they can tell Trump's gun toting base "We tried. We really did."

When every major news organization is all over this story like Trump's base on met-amphetamine---when even Morning Joe and Fox News have to hold their noses because of the stink---it is a sign that there is a story here. A huge one. Bigger than Watergate. Bigger than any presidential news story this country has ever seen. And big news makes big ratings.

When the Vice President seeks to distance himself from his own president by declaring that he will "hold Russia accountable" that can mean only one thing---Trump's presidency is the Titanic and it is going down. They can't prop his administration up any longer. All they can do is try to minimize the collateral damage. And so, in the end, they will beg for a special prosecutor. Because a special prosecutor can be bought and intimidated and blackmailed. Or so they hope. And hope is all they have left. A pathetic kind of hope, not unlike the hope of Trump's base that the con artist-in-chief would do something to improve their sorry, drab, hopeless lives.

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