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Sun Mar 5, 2017, 02:36 PM

How Many Members of the U.S. Military Will Die Because of Trump Immigration Policy?

Trump talks big when it comes to the U.S. military. Too bad his actions tell a different story.

Members of the U.S. military stationed in places like Iraq and Afghanistan rely upon friendly locals to drive them, translate for them and--yes---spy for them. You know, warn them in advance when someone is trying to kill them. Help them navigate dangerous waters. In a country where some people think the only good American is a dead American, the aid of locals is all that stands between our troops and death. Trump, in his zeal to appeal to his xenophobic base---the kind of people who will never get out of their Lazy Boys long enough to serve their country---is single handedly tearing apart that safety network.


The scene at the airport was “chaotic, panicked; it was a mess,” said Lali Madduri, a lawyer with the firm Gibson Dunn, which is representing the family pro bono. “The whole time the children are crying, the woman is crying. They can’t understand what’s going on.”

The father had arrived on Thursday with his wife and three children, ages 7, 6 and 8 months, on Special Immigrant Visas, according to the lawyers’ habeas corpus petition filed on Saturday in Federal District Court in Los Angeles. Those visas were created by Congress for citizens in Iraq and Afghanistan who have helped the United States military or government as drivers, interpreters or in other jobs — work that often makes them targets in their home countries.

But instead of being allowed to enter the United States, the family has been detained, according to the court papers.

“I’ve never, ever heard of this happening,” said Becca Heller, the director of the International Refugee Assistance Project, or IRAP, which filed the petition. “They go through so many layers of security clearance, including one right before they get on the plane.”

So, what happens now? Members of Al Qaeda and ISIS and every other group that hates us can approach U.S. allies---drivers, translators and spies---and whisper into anxious ears "You know the U.S. won't keep the promises it made to you. You know that once you have outlived your usefulness, they will abandon you, and you and your wife and all your children will die. Because you can't trust an American. They don't want to save our country. They want to exterminate us all."

Thank you, Trump for showing us exactly how much you value the United States military. Given your world view----that the so called white people of the United States would be better off in an all white Christian world---I am surprised you don't call the troops home and drop nukes on places like Iraq and Afghanistan. It is clear that you have no interest in aiding other countries. You are more concerned about eradicating their citizens. And when those foreign nationals realize your true agenda, they will fight back to defend themselves---and it will be our soldiers who get caught in the cross fire, not you, you miserable draft dodging piece of crap.

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