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Sat Mar 18, 2017, 10:36 AM

The D.C. Chicken Ranch

Trump for President is a lot like Trump University. Both employed surrogates to lie to suckers----pardon me, potential customers. Both promised the sun and moon in exchange for lots of cash. Trump U. was the beta version of Trump for Prez. So far, we know that Flynn sold promises for money to Russia, Turkey ....and a Pentagon blacklisted air cargo carrier??? WTF???

Who thinks that Flynn was the only one soliciting cash donations? Come on, someone out there must believe that Flynn was the exception, the lone bad apple in a basket of pristine fruit. Anyone? No one?


Let's talk turkey. No, not the country that thought it had Flynn--and Trump---in its pocket. Although...

(Speaking of Turkey, just imagine how utterly pissed the country is to find out that the U.S. has sent in ground forces to support the Kurds in Syria. I am not sure what they wanted from Flynn, but permission to bomb the Kurds to hell was probably high on their list. I do not imagine that Ankara thinks it got value for its dollars or rubles or whatever form of cash it used to bribe Flynn.)

But enough about Turkey. Let's come out and say what everyone, even Trump's Self Styled Outlaw/Make America White Again base knows. Someone obviously collected a lot of money from a contractor to build that stupid wall. From the way Trump clings to the idea, it was probably Trump himself or one of his kids. He can give the boot to folks like Flynn if he finds himself unable to fulfill the favors they sold. But he can't give himself the boot. And he won't leave his kids to defend themselves against crowbar wielding Russian mobsters when they knock on the door at midnight demanding to know why they haven't received the favors they were promised.

What other "favors" will we, the taxpayers be expected to fulfill? How many people had their hands out? How deep--and high does the corruption go?

Flynn knows. Flynn is a criminal. He can be prosecuted and persuaded to talk. No wonder Sessions refuses to resign. Flynn would name him as a fellow co-conspirator--if anyone in the DOJ ever dared attempt to prosecute him, which they won't, not if Sessions has anything to say about it. I will bet that Sessions took money too. Lots of it. Baron will probably turn out to be the only member of the Team Trump that is not dirty.

What about Pence, you say? The man who will be president when Trump gets the boot. The man who sees and hears nothing. Surely he is as clean as his shiny white hair....

But would a clean man use campaign contributions to pay his mortgage? Would a clean man take money in exchange for servicing the Kochs? And yes, I know what you are thinking. Disgusting, right? The idea of Pence on his knees sucking you know what. But face it. That is what Trump and his whole clan are doing. They are providing services for money to anyone who can pay. Just picture the whole family, including Ivanka and Melania and Donald himself down on their knees on the White House lawn, and that's what we've got. A great big Washington D.C. Chicken Ranch----

Cluck, cluck.

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