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Sun Apr 2, 2017, 10:45 AM

Tom Paine (From Beyond the Grave) on Trump (not a Tweet)

"The powers of governing still remaining in the hands of TRUMP, he will have a negative over the whole legislation of this continent. And as TRUMP hath shewn himself such an inveterate enemy to liberty, and discovered such a thirst for arbitrary power; is he, or is he not, a proper man to say to these colonies, “You shall make no laws but what I please.” And is there any inhabitant in America so ignorant, as not to know, that according to what is called the present constitution, that this continent can make no laws but what TRUMP gives leave to; and is there any man so unwise, as not to see, that (considering what has happened) TRUMP will suffer no law to be made here, but such as suit his purpose. We may be as effectually enslaved by the want of laws in America, as by submitting to laws made for us by TRUMP. After matters are made up (as it is called) can there be any doubt, but the whole power of TRUMP will be exerted, to keep this continent as low and humble as possible? Instead of going forward we shall go backward, or be perpetually quarrelling or ridiculously petitioning.—We are already greater than TRUMP wishes us to be, and will he not hereafter endeavour to make us less? To bring the matter to one point. Is the power who is jealous of our prosperity, a proper power to govern us? Whoever says No to this question is an independant, for independancy means no more, than, whether we shall make our own laws, or whether TRUMP, the greatest enemy this continent hath, or can have, shall tell us “there shall be no laws but such as I like.”'

Tom Pain, Common Sense (for the 21st Century)


This one is for you, Mineral Man.

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