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Wed Jul 26, 2017, 09:11 PM

It is time for an Evolved Resistance. It is time for the Trident Network.

I believe it is time to refocus our goals and create new ones, we have a great deal of problems in our society and in the political sphere, and while I plan to vote Democratic in 2018, 2020, and beyond, it needs to be one prong in a multi-pronged strategy.

You see, this has been a week of straws; Trumpcare advancing, Lamar Smith going from denying climate change to now embracing it and endorsing a sort of passive genocide to groups like indigenous Siberians and other people living in the arctic, and now the insane and reactionary transgender ban... this is of course on top of other previous weeks and months of straws such as waving off corruption, the stunning hypocritical treatment of Trump against Obama, and we also can't forget about the Trump supporters who cheer on your access to medical care being cut so billionaires will get a tax break and say that we need to make nice with a certain autocrat in the Kremlin so we can somehow wage a better war against a billion and a half Muslims. If you've reached the final straw like me, then please pay attention.

For a long time now, I have been sending private messages to some members here telling them of another group to spend some time at another group, this network. After consulting with some of the other members, there has been a realization that it is time to make this go from private message to opening it up to everybody.

I want to introduce the Trident Network to you, and ask you all, if you are interested, to please join any and all groups you think can help in and if you join one group with the exception of one, then the credentials should work for the others on top of joining very easily (Use a throwaway Hotmail address if you don't want to use anything else), nearly every group is interested in discussion of the news and general discussion, but there is also targeted discussion focused on the specific issues we are aimed at, as well as looking for actual things to do that can create real social change with some things that we can do today with more coming in the days and weeks ahead.

This network consists of:

* The Burn Notice: The nexus, here are general goals we look at, as well as a place for people from the sum of the groups to meet at.

* PALLADIUM: Specific goals; whether it's defense from Fancy Bear and Trumpcare, getting the US healthcare to more treatment of diseases and disabilities and less social control, resisting marginalization, resisting the alt/far-right, challenging the notion that wealth is equal to godliness and deconstructing class, busting binaries, working to ensure people with Trumpgrets have genuine Trumpgrets, deconstructing gender and race, resisting Putinism while supporting human and civil rights for Russian people and working with progressive Russians, and resisting the Daesh and far right shared delusion that there is or needs to be a war between us and the Muslim world.

* Right Wing Infopedia: This wiki was founded about a decade ago to detail the dirty and sordid details of stealth conservatism, and it is still about that, but now with a forum, it has also spread to get the dirt on the who/what/where/when/why/how of the virulent strains of disordered thinking that is sweeping the political arena today.

* Discordian Brain: All about highlighting and challenging thought-terminating cliches and "serious" rhetoric and more through absurdity, parody, and noting contradictions. Let your hair down a bit here.

* Endangermicide: A fight needs to be done against the very punishments that are used against the disadvantaged, these punishments are the fangs of the status quo, and it's time to defang it; whether it's in the form of general havoc in the forms of discrimination against unemployment or (medical) debt or the continuum of endangerment as a whole, which means we need to be cutting vicious circles and exposing disparities.

* Operation Pulpit Crack: If the Trump administration has proved anything, it is definitely that the growth in power of the executive branch over the years is too much for one man, or for one manchild. Trump's power is not divine or genetic, it is agreed to by us, and not one day every four years, but every single day. Many unofficial powers of the office of the President are only here because we have "respect for the office of the President", but if the choice is between protecting the environment, saying no to romanticizing war, and standing up against authoritarianism; then what kind of progressives are we if we are siding with this so-called "respect"? It's time to say no more.

* Crisis vs War Watch: Named for the fact that the "war on drugs" became more of a "public health crisis" when the face of drug use changed from black and inner city to white and suburban, here there is a focus on 'other' issues that are no less important, ranging from the politics that invokes symptoms of personality disorders, food security, lead poisoning, to social contagions.

* Dread State: Dread not at the Dread State, here the goal is to highlight, challenge, and destroy systems that reinforce corruption, hate, inefficiency, and more that exist inside and outside of the government. Somebody has to be a check on these systems, if the government will not or can not do it, then it has to be us.

* Olfactorius: A slightly different focus, will not look at the groups or individuals involved in the body of corruption, but at the more subtle problems, Olfactorius aims at discrediting the tropes associated with this corruption, at turning the cliches that justify it into sources of annoyance.

* Peerless Innovation Systems: My own personal project, I believe that a possible way to resist system justification and fundamentalism is to push ahead with innovations in science and technology, this is the place to give them a small showcase, discuss them, and find ways to support them.

* Your group? Your own groups can be a part of this network, if your goals mesh with our goals, if you adhere to economic power of valuing social change over change in the form of money then there might be a place for you.

Time is short, so there is an urgent need for agent-activists who will have a leading role in these things to do we are looking to do every day, for researchers to collect information and categorize it, and for moderators to keep these groups alive, secure, and on-topic, so if you join and are interested in these roles, then you can be fast-tracked into them.

All are welcome if you support the mission, although I fully expect that the far right will not feel welcome because of the things we want. So if you don't want to put all your eggs in one basket, if you do not think we have until 2020, or even until 2018, if you are like me who is seeing the last straw on the camel's back and who has loved ones that you worry more and more about their future every day, and if you want to be the change in a small but growing network, then look us up.

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