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Fri Oct 6, 2017, 06:00 PM Oct 2017

Paul Gosar was elected by the citizens of Arizona to provide leadership

And ends up making statements supporting right wing conspiracy theories and excusing racist hatred.

But Rep. Paul A. Gosar (R-Ariz.) still seems swayed by the “false flag” theory of the white supremacist violence.

In an interview with Vice News that aired Thursday night, Gosar suggested that the rally was “created by the left” and carried out by an “Obama sympathizer.”

The congressman also brought up a thoroughly refuted claim that Soros, a Hungarian-born Jew who survived Nazi occupation during World War II, had collaborated with the Third Reich, prompting a strongly worded condemnation from a Soros spokeswoman.

More at the link - https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2017/10/06/arizona-congressman-repeats-bogus-claim-that-charlottesville-violence-was-left-wing-plot/?utm_term=.21ea2fd250eb
Paul Gosar was elected by the citizens of Arizona to provide leadership (Original Post) ClarendonDem Oct 2017 OP
This Guy kind of discribes Wellstone ruled Oct 2017 #1
They weren't thinking! jzola Oct 2017 #3
Hear you on that. Wellstone ruled Oct 2017 #6
That was a good segment.. mountain grammy Oct 2017 #2
Unfortunately he is my congressman Bradshaw3 Oct 2017 #4
What part of Arizona are you in? Blue_true Oct 2017 #5

Wellstone ruled

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1. This Guy kind of discribes
Fri Oct 6, 2017, 06:35 PM
Oct 2017

the GOP here in the Southwest. To think he represents the people in a Congressional District,what the heck were they thinking.


Wellstone ruled

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6. Hear you on that.
Fri Oct 6, 2017, 07:02 PM
Oct 2017

Large contingent of these low information types here in Nevada. One only has to look for the tell tale knuckle dragger skid marks on the ground.

mountain grammy

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2. That was a good segment..
Fri Oct 6, 2017, 06:39 PM
Oct 2017

Hiding behind Scalise.. Why didn't the reporter ask about Gabby Giffords? That happened right in his state. This guy is a coward, a liar, and a general dirtbag.


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4. Unfortunately he is my congressman
Fri Oct 6, 2017, 06:40 PM
Oct 2017

And I don't know if he is the worst AZ congressperson (Trent Franks you going to top this?). But I'm going to work for whoever the Dems nominate even though they don't have much of a chance and for Sinema for Senator, who does have a chance.


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5. What part of Arizona are you in?
Fri Oct 6, 2017, 06:55 PM
Oct 2017

Can Dems is your district get more Hispanics registered? If I remember correctly from visits there, the place seems thin on Black people.

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