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Sun Jul 6, 2014, 01:03 PM

A Year Ago I Posted a Change.org Petition to Impeach the 5COTU5 Five.

The petition was in response to 5COTU5 making up its own laws in order to strike down critical portions of the Voting Rights Act that had stood for decades, and doing so out of nakedly partisan motives to affect the outcome of elections.

At the time, I had warned fellow liberal activists that literally nothing they were doing would mean anything while these people controlled the Supreme Court, because these tyrants in robes had abandoned all pretense of being legal professionals. Scalia et al would, quite simply, strike down any liberal law or uphold the government punishment of any private liberal behavior they did not agree with, uphold or protect any conservative law or private act they did agree with, and make up whatever preposterous excuses they felt would be just non-laughable enough to avoid a pitchfork-wielding mob.

Well, apparently there is no "non-laughable" limit to their outrageousness, because they are no longer even pretending to be basing decisions on the law. I warned my fellow activists in another site that the trend would continue and accelerate, that they would be facing a steady drumbeat of decisions lawlessly disfiguring the face of our republic and replacing the Constitution with a set of arbitrary, radical right-wing ideologies. Their by and large dismissive response - the petition got only 175 signatories - was that there was no need to worry, and we should continue doing exactly nothing but whining and conducting business as usual.

I asked how they intended to conduct viable election strategies if/when 5COTU5 had so disfigured election laws that obtaining Democratic majorities ever again becomes impractical. (*crickets*)

I asked how they intended to change the composition of the Court if such electoral victories were made unfeasible. (*crickets*)

I asked how they intended to pass laws on behalf of their agenda even on the state level if 5COTU5 would just arbitrarily strike them down. (*crickets*)

I asked point-blank how ANYTHING they were doing could achieve ANYTHING while this group were in control of the Supreme Court. (*crickets*)

Being in this situation is awful, but hopefully I can be forgiven for indulging in a slight bit of schadenfreude at the fauxgressive flotsam who not only did nothing in the face of a Constitutional emergency, but deliberately did nothing as a statement of their masochistic political viewpoint that it's the progressive's job to Always Be Losing. They not only dismissed the entire notion of impeaching Supreme Court Justices (despite the clear Constitutional authority to do so), but equated me with conservatives who want to impeach liberal Justices for doing their jobs, because of course there is no objective reality and morality is just an opinion. That was their mentality, these worthless, do-nothing nihilists.

As angry as I am at 5COTU5, I am equally angry at those opiate-coma-inducing idiots who - for one reason or another, I have no clue why - continue to pretend they are liberal activists, but always blanche in terror at the idea of actually doing anything more assertive than passively criticizing whatever circumstances are imposed on this country by the traitorous radical right. Such "cocktail party progressives" seem to infest our movements and our psyche with their learned helplessness and do-nothingism, and this latest 5COTU5 assault on the Constitution fills me with loathing for them.

Apropos of the recent news that Democrats in Congress are trying to introduce legislation imposing a Code of Conduct on the Supreme Court, I would say this: That is a totally unnecessary delay, never mind that it won't pass and that (chuckle) 5COTU5 would simply strike it down even if it did pass.

Supreme Court Justices can already be impeached for Abuse of Power, and that is exactly what The Five conservative oligarchs have committed many times over. But if the issue is too murky in most of the Five's cases, just go after Scalia - he, at least, is also flagrantly corrupt in addition to being a lawless traitor-tyrant.

Here is the language of that petition, now closed, after having received only 175 signatories:

Whereas the relevant provisions of the Voting Rights Act (VRA) have been key to secure the right of millions of Americans to have a voice in their government for generations, and countless Americans have fought, suffered, and even died to secure those rights...

Whereas those provisions of VRA have been crucial to protecting the rights of minority voters in recent years as partisan attempts to illegally suppress minority voting have intensified...

Whereas the equal right to vote is fundamental to the liberty and security of a free republic...

Whereas the current Supreme Court majority have shown a pattern and practice of issuing lawless rulings designed to radically change the laws of this nation in order to increase the electoral performance of the Republican Party...

And whereas the aforementioned ruling striking down key parts of the VRA is a nakedly partisan, lawless, and inexcusable attempt to assist Republican election efforts in 2014 by eliminating key mechanisms against minority vote suppression tactics...

It is necessary for the defense of the rule of the law, the legitimacy of the Courts, and the rights of all Americans that the President and the Congress condemn the ruling in the strongest possible terms, reject it as invalid and lawless, and immediately call for inquiries into passing articles of impeachment against Justices Roberts, Alito, Scalia, Thomas, and Kennedy for abuse of power.

I had limited the language to the VRA ruling because it was the most timely, but you could also insert the role played by 3 of the current 5 in Bush v. Gore, and also Citizens United, among other, less famous cases.

Can we FINALLY ignore the fauxgressive perpetual losers who counsel business-as-usual and actually formulate an activist agenda based on a clear understanding of what is going on? Can we FINALLY directly address the situation rather than acting out the same helpless kabuki like animatronic Stepford Activists while the cancer spreads unchallenged?

I urge someone with more experience than I in these matters to take up the cause of 5COTU5 impeachment.

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