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Wed Jul 10, 2024, 06:33 AM Jul 10

North Carolina elections board finds some voters didn't know purpose of RFK Jr. and Cornel West petitions

Source: CNN Politics

Published 6:54 PM EDT, Tue July 9, 2024

CNN — North Carolina’s elections board has deferred a decision on allowing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West on the state’s ballot after learning that some voters who signed petitions to help the independent presidential hopefuls gain ballot access did not understand the purpose of those petitions.

The findings potentially lend credence to some of the objections filed by allies of President Joe Biden seeking to block access for the two candidates in the key battleground state.

At a North Carolina State Board of Elections hearing on Tuesday, board staff shared that they had reached out to voters who signed petitions to help the minor parties established by Kennedy and West to gain ballot access in the state and found that some of them “were not told the purpose and intent or did not understand the purpose and intent” of the petitions they signed.

In its objections to both Kennedy and West’s ballot access, the pro-Biden super PAC Clear Choice claimed that both candidates were “misleading” voters who signed their petitions, arguing that the candidates had violated a state law that requires newly formed political parties to inform signers of the “general purpose and intent” of the party.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2024/07/09/politics/rfk-cornel-west-ballot-north-carolina/index.html

Full headline: North Carolina elections board finds some voters didn’t know purpose of RFK Jr. and Cornel West petitions when they signed
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North Carolina elections board finds some voters didn't know purpose of RFK Jr. and Cornel West petitions (Original Post) BumRushDaShow Jul 10 OP
People will sign anything. badhair77 Jul 10 #1
Yup. GB_RN Jul 10 #2
Too often they do that, it seems. slightlv Jul 10 #4
So they didn't understand the purpose of the petition but they just signed anyway? totodeinhere Jul 10 #3
There are two possible explanations about this. OldBaldy1701E Jul 10 #5
And, then psychopaths like JD Vance come along and write books blaming everyone else. yardwork Jul 10 #8
I'm surprised some voters can chew bubble gum and walk at the same time. Ray Bruns Jul 10 #6
I circulate a lot of petitions murielm99 Jul 10 #7
Dumb and dumber. Arne Jul 10 #9
I live in rural NC enigmania Jul 10 #10


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2. Yup.
Wed Jul 10, 2024, 07:17 AM
Jul 10

I think a lot of the time, people will sign shit just to get rid of the person pushing the paper at them.


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4. Too often they do that, it seems.
Wed Jul 10, 2024, 07:49 AM
Jul 10

I'm just the opposite. If I don't have anything to say about whatever the petition is, or who's proferring it, I just say "NO" strongly while shaking my head and walking away. Seems to be the simplest thing to do...


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3. So they didn't understand the purpose of the petition but they just signed anyway?
Wed Jul 10, 2024, 07:30 AM
Jul 10

Some people are really stupid.


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5. There are two possible explanations about this.
Wed Jul 10, 2024, 08:29 AM
Jul 10

One, they were lied to and misled about what they were signing

Two, (sigh) welcome to North Carolina, where all you need is something official looking and people will obey.

Wait till I tell you about the 'hazardous waste incinerator debacle' that my home area went through. These idiot farmers were poisoning the ground with dangerous chemicals for decades, just tossing the empty containers into trash piles on their farms and such. They were causing creeks to turn colors and killing wildlife. But, when the idea was put out that a HWI was looking to open in our area, thus providing many jobs for those who do not want to spend their lives with only two career choices (owning a farm or working on a farm), as well as a solution to the issues I mentioned, they went off. Why? Simple.

They did not want their iron grip on the entire population to change. They did not want people earning money without it being from the farmers. Mostly, they just did not want a situation to develop where they might have to be held accountable and forced to clean up their messes. Otherwise, there would be a new faction that was not beholden to the farmers for anything. So, they fought it and got their cronies to fight it. The reasons they put forth as to the dangers of this incinerator went from raised eyebrows to 'what are you smoking?'. Now, I am not saying that such a thing does not have dangers, but compared to what those farmers had been doing for the past 80+ years, the plant would have been a real boom and would have removed any reason for those farmers to not clean up their properties and the environment. (One might think they would be all for doing this, but again, welcome to North Carolina.) But, the opposition misled and obfuscated and got enough signatures to stop the idea.

So, what is my hometown like these days? Well, half of the houses on Main Street are empty or in ruins... or just a pile of debris. No one will do anything about them since no one wants to. It looks like the aftermath of a war zone. The people are just empty inside. The last time I was there, I was shocked.

And, it was all because of greed and power tripping My home state has many things that make it amazing. I guess brains is something that seems to be passing into the veil. When a population will not even consider something that can save it and would rather die out slowly and painfully, that population may be beyond help. The only thing that shows a possible solution for this is the fact that the state may well end up without federal aid since they are trying to offend the federal government enough to force them to act. And, since they don't think they need it. Then, we will see how long it takes before the people who are not rich actually do more than talk about it.


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8. And, then psychopaths like JD Vance come along and write books blaming everyone else.
Wed Jul 10, 2024, 10:18 AM
Jul 10

I grew up in rural Ohio and I've lived in NC for decades. Their rural communities are dying due to a complicated mix of issues - but one of them is their own behavior. Many people don't want to live in racist, homophobic, xenophobic communities that cling to a fantasy past and their tiny bit of power. Rural communities could have a LOT going for them but they drive people away.

With the internet and remote work, rural communities could be thriving but they're not because they don't welcome outsiders - or even their own young people unless they toe the line.


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7. I circulate a lot of petitions
Wed Jul 10, 2024, 10:00 AM
Jul 10

for Democratic candidates. I figure it is part of my job as a precinct committee person. I always tell them what they are signing. I know that many of these people, even loyal Democrats, will sign anything. I usually ask if they have signed someone else's petition. I don't want any signatures challenged.

I worry about some people. Is it our educational system? Is there something in the water? Is our collective IQ dropping?

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