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Tue Oct 2, 2018, 09:28 PM

The massive hole in journalism

As the hearings for Kavanaugh proceeded, one terrible lie after another was rolled out by the nominee and identified by the press. Big, ugly lies with warts. There was his denial, under oath, that he had anything to do with Senator Patrick Leahy's stolen emails. There was his denial that he had anything to do with the nomination of anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ judge William Pryor. Yet emails proved otherwise.

These are just two of dozens of bald-faced lies —there are 29 lies now listed at Medium.com at the link below. Yet once the sexual abuse allegations surfaced (and they are significant) all the former lying was simply erased from the media sphere.

It's almost a scaled up version of Dr. Ford's memory prioritizing the "who" of her ordeal over the "where." (And she articulated this beautifully in physiological terms at the hearing). Once we were in sexual abuse territory nobody that I've observed in the mainstream media has sufficiently recalled the earlier nomination-killing lies. These were HUGE IMPEACHABLE LIES. Add those to EVERY story people! Just as we must add all of Trump's long list of crimes to every new story of wrongdoing. The very format of journalism must change to keep up with these abominable people.

Kavanaugh's sexual assaults are awful and disturbing, yet the Republicans are still falling back on the claim that the accusers could be lying and have insufficient credibility (even though they have advanced degrees and thorough security clearances between them, and even though other witnesses such as Dr. Ford's therapist back them up).

So here's the rub: the biggest, most insane problem here is Kavanaugh's own credibility which has already been established during the hearing as worthless. Even before the sexual allegations he's been exposed as dishonest and not worthy of a position on the Supreme Court. He shouldn't even be flipping hamburgers.

Here's an example of mainstream media omission from today's Daily Kos, a progressive forum that should know better. The article quotes, and fails to correct, a statement about an absence of proof of lying:

Rev. Allen Ewing-Merrill of HopeGateWay in Portland protested at her office to tell her that Kavanaugh is "not judicial by any means" and says "If he lies about the small things, why would we have confidence that he wouldn't lie about the big things?"

Excuse me? He's already lied about the big things! All together he's lied over 29 times!!! Wake up journalists! Do your homework! Take notes on a pad of friggin' paper!


Google this: demandjustice/kavanaugh-29-lies-and-counting

UPDATE: Law & Crime has reported that Kavanaugh is being accused of major ethics violations and references BOTH his statements about his sexual abuse accusers and his earlier denial re. Senator Leahy's email theft:

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