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Tue Oct 13, 2020, 10:38 PM

Civics 101: The Amy Coney Barrett hearing edition


And Iím Susie, a large cartoon bird! Weíre here to talk to you about the way our democracy works!

Whoa there, Susie. Democracy?

Iím sorry, it sounded like you said a Republican president. Iím confused. Isnít this civics?

Well, the president has to be Republican, Susie. Otherwise we canít be sure he represents the will of the people! Just look at this map. Most of this map is red, and it is important that the biggest land mass possible be heard. People cluster together and make the map blue in certain areas, but that just indicates that they do not want their voices to count very much. Remember, Susie, Supreme Court appointments are for life, so you canít be too careful when picking a new nominee.

Are we sure that is what they meant?

Absolutely ó thanks to a little something called originalism. Thatís when you stare at the text of the Constitution long enough that Thomas Jeffersonís ghost shows up and explains to you exactly what he meant by everything, and why he thinks Obergefell was poorly decided and Obamacare should be dismantled piece by piece.


And did I mention that this new lifetime justice is a lady? Because I feel like we mention it a lot. And she has a family, which you will get to have too, probably, in more and more states, whether you are 100 percent sure about it or not!

What if I donít think thatís what I want?

The people donít know their own minds. Thatís why they need the courts to interpret their wishes for them! And their votes. It is very important to get the justice through so that we can have all the prospefity we deserve.

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