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Thu May 31, 2012, 01:38 AM May 2012

Pennsylvania Doctors Worry Over Fracking 'Gag Rule'

A new law in Pennsylvania has doctors nervous.

The law grants physicians access to information about trade-secret chemicals used in natural gas drilling. Doctors say they need to know what's in those formulas in order to treat patients who may have been exposed to the chemicals.

But the new law also says that doctors can't tell anyone else — not even other doctors — what's in those formulas. It's being called the "doctor gag rule."

Plastic surgeon Amy Pare practices in suburban Pittsburgh where she does reconstructive surgeries and deals with a lot of skin issues. She tells me about one case, a family who brought in a boy with strange skin lesions.


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1. More Repuke law
Thu May 31, 2012, 01:55 AM
May 2012

How is it in 2012 we still have assholes who don't see the damage the GOP is doing? How do we allow it to get this bad? We are on the brink of green energy, and we allow this shit. Fracking is the final nail in our global coffin. Once we have NO drinking water, we are doomed. Fires can't be put out with gasoline. If we have massive gas leaks, we sure the hell won't know till it's too late, or the streets are burning down with no help in sight.

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