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Wed May 17, 2023, 01:18 PM

Kari Lake gets one more chance to look like an idiot.


Arizona taxpayers have had to shell out an awful lot of money because of failed GOP candidates in the state, over the past two election cycles. Don't ever let your Republican candidates tell you they are interested in cutting spending. None of them are interested in it, and Lake seems to be doing more than her fair share to spend taxpayer dollars frivolously. Judges at several court levels have told her she doesn't have the evidence, and they're not going to overturn the election or even subtract ballots. But she keeps coming back, finding someone in a very conservative court system who opens the door to spend even more taxpayer dollars on futility.

She knows this. This isn't about getting the election overturned, it's an ongoing campaign for office, keeping her name and face in an obliging media, almost deliberately looking insane and unbalanced, because that's what gets her the attention she's seeking. She is continuing to run for office, more than likely Kyrsten Sinema's senate seat, but if she keeps challenging election results at every turn, she looks more and more like Trump, which is obviously what she wants.

So the taxpayers of Arizona must foot the bill for the legal costs involved as yet another judge, this time from the extremist Supreme Court in the state, says, "give her another chance." Or, "give her enough rope to hang herself." She's been told, several times, what the legal standards are that she must meet in order for any ruling to go in her favor, and all the evidence they have, which has been gone over in several courts, where it has been made clear that there were no illegalities committed, and no irregularities that were not resolved in the final tally. Every court conclusion has been the same, that she lost by just over 17,000 votes. But Arizona taxpayers have to pay more to hear the same thing again. I hope many of them remember how wasteful she was if she ever does get her name on a ballot again.

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