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Sun Dec 14, 2014, 08:02 PM

All Kids are born scientists, but are crushed by society itself - Michio Kaku

I changed the title because he didn't say kids are born geniuses, he said scientists.

I remember taking Marine Biology in Junior HS. The entire fucking class was learning Phylums and classifications. This page right here is pretty much the whole lousy semester: http://quizlet.com/4727446/11-marine-bio-phylums-flash-cards/ Such a fascinating subject and I was board stiff! HATED that fucking class! It was like, lets take something really interesting and find a way to bore the fuck out of kids so never in a million years would they want to become a Marin Biologist. This goes for most of my science classes and I LOVE science! I did have some good professors in college who knew how to keep the subject fascinating.

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Response to Quixote1818 (Original post)

Sun Dec 14, 2014, 08:13 PM

1. Our natural curiosity is kicked out early. Lucky are the people who keep it.

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Response to Dont call me Shirley (Reply #1)

Mon Dec 15, 2014, 01:10 AM

5. What little curiosity I had evaporated with the first whiff of formaldehyde.


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Response to PADemD (Reply #5)

Mon Dec 15, 2014, 09:32 AM

6. The over abundance of man made chemicals everywhere, no doubt, dull the mind.

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Response to Quixote1818 (Original post)

Sun Dec 14, 2014, 10:40 PM

2. Retired teacher

Your school system is designed to crush curiosity. Happens to most students by the time they finish middle school. Basically, classes are created to bore the shit out of teachers and students. Does CORE sound familiar? Memorize and TEST, that is a recipe for failure. That is a large percentage of your school system. Fortunately for the world, a large percentage of students survive the system.

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Response to Thespian2 (Reply #2)

Sun Dec 14, 2014, 10:53 PM

3. Agree. Any learning is better than none and there is pressure on most kids to get good grades

so they do survive. Too few develop an interest in science and math that otherwise probably would be interested. So we end up with a crap load of folks who don't really get science and reject things like evolution. So depressing!

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Response to Quixote1818 (Original post)

Mon Dec 15, 2014, 12:54 AM

4. This should be the most interesting

time in history for students and the educational curriculum.

Teachers should be well paid.

The number of teachers should be increased dramatically.

Class sizes should be kept under 20 per teacher. (preschool ratio 1 teacher for every 3 students)

Child care should be free for all working mothers. (stay at home moms should also have access to free child care on a limited basis)

Preschool should be free for all children.

Children should be encouraged to use their creativity.

Classes should be taught indoors and outdoors.

The Internet and video games offer powerful learning tools. (Spanning from cartoons to detailed instructional videos) with everything under the sun between the two.

There should be frequent field trips to science museums, historical museums, art galleries, manufacturing facilities, colleges, farms, zoos, etc. (Distance would have to be taken into consideration)

The children should have input on these decisions. Example; The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame would be an acceptable field trip.

Rural children should be introduced to the cities.

Children who live in the cities should be introduced to the rural areas.

There is a stark difference between rural and city life.

There should be no fees or extra costs in public schools.

Everyone is covered, everything that is needed is supplied to all.

Public schools should have the same standards regardless of location or neighborhoods.

Funds should be allocated equally.

Teachers should be well paid !!!

That's my vision for educational system.

I know, it's a pipe dream.

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Response to Quixote1818 (Original post)

Mon Dec 15, 2014, 01:04 PM

7. It's not just science. It's every form of creative thinking that could possibly undermine...

... empire and oligarchy.

As a former science teacher I'm appalled that adolescents are chained to their seats by threats of punishment and failure as they are force-fed "facts" so they can pass bubble tests. The artists, authors, musicians, mathematicians and scientists who continue on to college and success seem to do so in spite of this rote training as adolescents, not because of it.

Self-discipline is obviously a required skill in any sort of education, but highly energetic adolescents really ought to be doing most of their geology and biology out in the field, their math and physics in robust well-equipped laboratories, and their art in messy well supplied studios.

Every field of human endeavor requires math, reading, and writing skills. Learning these skills ought to be encouraged by the natural curiosity of a child in whatever field of arts and sciences they are drawn to.

Actual physical accomplishment -- making things -- is an important part of the process. Building robots, painting pictures, writing and performing music, restoring wetlands, cooking, gardening... most anything.

I was a lucky kid. My parents are both artists who had day jobs that adequately supported their family. Our household was a very rich environment full of books and magazines, and plenty of interesting, unprogrammed things to do. I got decent grades in middle and high school, but I hated it so much I quit high school.

Curiously, of all my siblings, it's my sister and I, the two who quit high school, who went on to graduate from top-tier universities. Our other siblings went into business. Yes, they've made more money than us, but there were times they were extremely miserable too.

One of my siblings quit a high paying corporate executive position because the corporation was flying him all over North America but not leaving him any spare time to explore. They probably knew he'd be resigning when he started answering phone calls at two in the morning with, "Is anybody going to die? No? Call me in the morning." Sad to say, he probably got that from me and my wife. We both had jobs at the time where people could potentially die if we didn't leap right up out of bed. My wife still has a job like that. Our dogs freak out when she's on-call and her pager goes off. They can smell the stress.

My wife and I provided a rich environment for our own kids (minus most of the religious insanity I suffered as a kid) and they were straight-A students throughout high school, and accepted to excellent colleges. Our youngest will be graduating this year. But overall, I don't think their K-12 school education was optimal. But we did shield them from the worst of it, and thank goodness, schoolyard bullying is not tolerated the way it was when I was in school. No teacher or administrator ever told my kids to "man up," fight back, or that they were somehow attracting harassment and physical assaults. That happened to me almost every time I complained about bullying. All I really learned from it was not to complain and be invisible as I could. These "life-skills" were never beneficial to me, but possibly useful to a handful of soul-sucking and abusive employers I've suffered.

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Response to Quixote1818 (Original post)

Mon Dec 15, 2014, 03:32 PM

8. I was/am always curious but I knew a lot of kids when I was little

who were not. They never thought about anything but what they had to. They became lawyers and bankers. Not plumbers or electricians or tech or doctors. Damn lawyers and bankers.

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