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Hey, Joe Manchin! Watch this video: HR1 or we're fucked... (Original Post) Fiendish Thingy May 2021 OP
Post removed Post removed May 2021 #1
You know this how? Or just attacking Democrats? AZSkiffyGeek May 2021 #2
Clearly you didn't watch the video, and no Manchin won't switch parties Fiendish Thingy May 2021 #3
I do get tired of the "but he'll switch parties" nonsense TiberiusB May 2021 #4
Looking up his voting record is easy. TiberiusB May 2021 #5

Response to Fiendish Thingy (Original post)

Fiendish Thingy

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3. Clearly you didn't watch the video, and no Manchin won't switch parties
Thu May 13, 2021, 01:05 PM
May 2021

Unless he plans to retire in 2024.


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4. I do get tired of the "but he'll switch parties" nonsense
Thu May 13, 2021, 02:39 PM
May 2021

So what if he did? How is his not voting for desperately needed legislation to preserve even a semblance of Democracy as a Republican different from his not voting for it as a Democrat? If the Republicans manage to suppress just the tiny handful of votes required to tip the electoral college, or install election boards ready to overthrow legitimate elections, how will anything Biden does matter at all? Are people daft enough to believe that the GOP isn't waiting to reclaim power so they can wipe out the filibuster themselves? I guarantee you it will be erased along with any other provision that gives the Democrats even a hint of power.

There is no way Manchin doesn't know his arguments are total garbage, and pandering to some ill defined West Virginia constituency that wants to live in an Autocracy doesn't hold water, either. Either his donors or someone else has a lock on him, or he is just fundamentally a Republican and doesn't actually mind putting more power in the hands of old white men. Sinema is just a blatant opportunist. If she had thought she could win Arizona as a Republican and protect LGBTQ+ rights, clearly she would have jumped to that party. She's been a Democrat for all of 15 minutes and in that time has shown she is only interested in grabbing headlines and undermining Biden's agenda. Even the tiny handful of bills that might pass through reconciliation can't get past the Manchin/Sinema blockade.

Some people seem so desperate to hang onto West Virginia that they are willing to sacrifice control of the Senate, the House, and the White House, just to boast they have one pseudo democrat from a red state. Manchin likely won't survive re-election in 2024 as a Dem as it is. He barely squeaked through in 2018. He's either going to retire, lose, or jump parties. Sinema is already increasingly unpopular with the voters in Arizona thanks to her $15 minimum wage antics. Manchin seems to be waffling, but he consistently swings back to a hard "no" on everything. Sinema just seems to pop up when she wants a headline. I don't see any point in playing softball with either at this point. Time is incredibly short.

2022 is coming.


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5. Looking up his voting record is easy.
Fri May 14, 2021, 03:24 PM
May 2021

On average, he votes against the Democrats around 24%-27% of the time.

That's 4 times higher than the average Democrat.
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