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Realtors' promotions USED to be "Within walking distance of schools, parks and churches". Nowadays? (Original Post) MiddleFingerMom Sep 2012 OP
Well, I guess it beats ... surrealAmerican Sep 2012 #1
Walmart and McDonald's are the two murielm99 Sep 2012 #2
Those look like... AnneD Sep 2012 #4
"Live Here. You're SO fucked." HopeHoops Sep 2012 #3
PC gone overboard JoeTaxpayer Feb 2014 #5
On what grounds could someone be sued for those statements? arcane1 Feb 2014 #6


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2. Walmart and McDonald's are the two
Sat Sep 22, 2012, 02:11 PM
Sep 2012

places where I see the most obese people. I can't believe their sizes!

My youngest had a part time job in McDonald's when she was in high school. I have only been in a Walmart a few times in my life, but the place almost gave me an anxiety attack. I had to leave. The noise, the dirt, the sheer volume of STUFF was overwhelming to me. And I like cities! This was not the same.

We do have an obesity epidemic in this country. I am not making fun of it. But I think those two places are the places that people do not arrive at by walking!


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5. PC gone overboard
Fri Feb 28, 2014, 04:11 PM
Feb 2014

I just passed the exam for my real estate sales license. During the coursework, there was the usual warning about discrimination. But - a warning never to use the words "walking distance." Our society has become so litigious, one can be sued for using this expression. "Shopping center nearby" or "Shopping center 1/4 mile away" is acceptable. I list a house a few doors away from a church on the corner? I'm not supposed to refer to it even as a landmark. "Take a right turn at St Mark's cathedral" is lawsuit city.

I thought the instructor was kidding when he went through this.

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