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Thu Jun 20, 2024, 12:12 PM Jun 20

SAVED BY DU!!! (Going offline update)

A big, fat, sloppy hug for DU, and especially jmbar2 who had the info for my solution, for all your love and support!

I have contacted my soon to be new ISP and will be enjoying a smooth transition to that provider in the next week which means there will be no interruptions in my ability to access DU from my little hovel on the hill whenever I choose.

Thank you all so much, this is one of the things that makes DU great! There's always an answer and, usually, one of you have it!

Edited to add: Here's the link to the provider of choice:


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SAVED BY DU!!! (Going offline update) (Original Post) 2naSalit Jun 20 OP
Thank you jmbar2! quaint Jun 20 #1
And I all of you! 2naSalit Jun 20 #3
Very happy for you. Wonderful news. yorkster Jun 20 #2
Yay! tazkcmo Jun 20 #4
Formidable! Mme. Defarge Jun 20 #5
Vraiment! 2naSalit Jun 20 #6
Whew, most excellent news!! Leghorn21 Jun 20 #7
I too am grateful for that information WhiteTara Jun 20 #8
Oh happy day! William769 Jun 20 #9
. 2naSalit Jun 20 #11
whew. AllaN01Bear Jun 20 #10
I know! Hey, your next post is 20K!! 2naSalit Jun 20 #12
Happy20K malaise Jun 21 #91
Great news! highplainsdem Jun 20 #13
Yes it is! 2naSalit Jun 20 #15
Yeah... 2naSalit Jun 20 #18
So you used this recommendation? highplainsdem Jun 20 #23
For only $15 a month, I'll be looking into this when I cut cable KS Toronado Jun 20 #29
if that evIl company att dumps land line here in sonora ca , i will look this up. but more research is needed . AllaN01Bear Jun 21 #92
I finally found the eligibilty requirements for pcsforpeople.org progree Jun 20 #42
Yes and Great idea. 2naSalit Jun 20 #54
Ain't lettin' YOU go that easy, 2na! ancianita Jun 20 #14
Dang right! 2naSalit Jun 20 #16
Excellent! So happy you'll be online and here, yay!! appalachiablue Jun 20 #70
As a fellow hill hoveler, I'm very glad to hear of this. n/t Harker Jun 20 #17
Thanks... 2naSalit Jun 20 #20
I know the feeling. Harker Jun 20 #25
Great news! GreenWave Jun 20 #19
Is too! 2naSalit Jun 20 #21
2naSalit ............... Upthevibe Jun 20 #22
Happy for us, and Alice Kramden Jun 20 #24
Yay for DU!!! Think. Again. Jun 20 #26
What a happy outcome! 3catwoman3 Jun 20 #27
Yay! mnhtnbb Jun 20 #28
I knew you weren't going away 🤤 dweller Jun 20 #30
There are knowledgeable people who can help on DU. surfered Jun 20 #31
Woohooo!!! Chicagogrl1 Jun 20 #32
So glad it worked out! I'm right behind you making the switch jmbar2 Jun 20 #33
It feels so liberating! 2naSalit Jun 20 #77
Hey 2na!..Coming on here to... MiHale Jun 20 #34
Excellent, 2na!!! n/a slightlv Jun 20 #35
So it looks like we'll still have you to kick around for a while yet. Good news! NBachers Jun 20 #36
I like stories with happy endings. OAITW r.2.0 Jun 20 #37
So do I! 2naSalit Jun 20 #55
That's some fantastic news! BumRushDaShow Jun 20 #38
Jesus Saves bucolic_frolic Jun 20 #39
I don't think... 2naSalit Jun 20 #56
Woot! Bayard Jun 20 #40
L O V E, L O V E, L O V E, bobnicewander Jun 20 #41
i'm so glad to hear this. barbtries Jun 20 #43
Hoo Raaayyyyy!!! I'm so glad to hear that you'll be here ongoing. Ford_Prefect Jun 20 #44
This is what "being a community" is about. So glad you're part of this one! n/t TygrBright Jun 20 #45
What's the cost if I may ask? FarPoint Jun 20 #46
Here is the link question everything Jun 20 #47
The initial cost... 2naSalit Jun 20 #61
That is a reasonable cost.... FarPoint Jun 20 #67
By ten miles! 2naSalit Jun 20 #69
The Big L says DUDE! AKwannabe Jun 20 #48
DU come through, again. question everything Jun 20 #49
Thank you, DU! Thank you, jmbar2! Niagara Jun 20 #50
I'm thrilled... 2naSalit Jun 20 #58
Thankfully we have an abundance of helpful people here... Niagara Jun 20 #60
Me too... 2naSalit Jun 20 #62
............ Niagara Jun 20 #63
Awesome underpants Jun 20 #51
I am SO thrilled to hear your great news, my dear 2naSalit! CaliforniaPeggy Jun 20 #52
And I would really miss seeing them! 2naSalit Jun 20 #66
DU is great in times of need kozar Jun 20 #53
WOOT! Skittles Jun 20 #57
K&R Blue Owl Jun 20 #59
Awesome news! I took a look at @jmbar2's link yesterday to see if that ISP would be good solution for iluvtennis Jun 20 #64
Thank you... 2naSalit Jun 20 #65
Thank you, jimbar2, for rescuing our 2naSalit and keeping her with us! niyad Jun 20 #68
excellent Skittles Jun 20 #71
I was not... 2naSalit Jun 20 #75
So happy for you 2naSalit. Good news. Thanks for posting, and thanks to jmbar2. c-rational Jun 20 #72
Very good news! BunnyMcGee Jun 20 #73
Yay! I am so happy for you! And for us, because we get to keep you right here with us. Dem2theMax Jun 20 #74
Glad you are sticking around my friend. Duncanpup Jun 20 #76
Thanks. 2naSalit Jun 20 #78
A ship sails better with a crew! marble falls Jun 20 #79
Sure does! 2naSalit Jun 20 #81
Excellent! ProfessorGAC Jun 20 #80
Indeed... 2naSalit Jun 20 #82
Great news Demovictory9 Jun 20 #83
K & R this is wonderful news! Time for a happy dance FakeNoose Jun 20 #84
. 2naSalit Jun 20 #85
Oh GOOD! calimary Jun 21 #86
Hurray! Welcome back! diva77 Jun 21 #87
Thanks! 2naSalit Jun 21 #88
Fantastic news! Evolve Dammit Jun 21 #89
Yeah! malaise Jun 21 #90
Awesome!!!!! Peacetrain Jun 21 #93
Yay! More from a treasured Wordle buddy AllyCat Jun 21 #94
Good deal! sellitman Jun 21 #95


(89,147 posts)
18. Yeah...
Thu Jun 20, 2024, 12:34 PM
Jun 20

Now I'm really looking forward to shipping rectum's stuff back, especially after our discussion this morning that didn't produce any acceptable results.

Now I can go about the rest of my day with a couple added simple tasks, have to scan a couple docs for the application, and that's about it.

Big sigh of relief.


(20,982 posts)
92. if that evIl company att dumps land line here in sonora ca , i will look this up. but more research is needed .
Fri Jun 21, 2024, 08:55 AM
Jun 21

i bookmarked the link in my web brwoser for future ref. pox att.


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42. I finally found the eligibilty requirements for pcsforpeople.org
Thu Jun 20, 2024, 02:13 PM
Jun 20

after looking at about 10 pages, so to save others the work --


To place an order with us, customers must be currently participating in a government-based assistance program or have a qualifying household income (less than 200% of federal poverty guidelines (see chart below) or 60% of area median income). Before completing your order, PCs for People requires photo identification and income documentation

The 200% of federal poverty guidelines chart/table --
$30,120 for one, $40,880 for 2 family members,, $51,650 for 3... the table goes all the way out to 8 family members $105,440

On that page there is also a button to find the Area Median Income (AMI) in one's area. Interesting.


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16. Dang right!
Thu Jun 20, 2024, 12:31 PM
Jun 20

And look how long it took to solve the issue once I alerted the DU network! A big relief both mentally and financially.


(89,147 posts)
20. Thanks...
Thu Jun 20, 2024, 12:36 PM
Jun 20

I'm sure it would have gone much differently if I didn't have DU to offer suggestions. It's kind of an info/tech desert here.


(14,429 posts)
25. I know the feeling.
Thu Jun 20, 2024, 12:48 PM
Jun 20

When a question comes up, someone or someone else at DU always seems able to separate the wheat from the chaff with good spirit.


(8,434 posts)
22. 2naSalit ...............
Thu Jun 20, 2024, 12:41 PM
Jun 20

That's great news!

I've come to DU on a number of occasions with questions, advice, etc. and have NEVER been let down. Someone on DU either knows the answer to my question or knows where I can get it....

Again.....................SO HAPPY FOR YOU...............

DU ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!


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27. What a happy outcome!
Thu Jun 20, 2024, 12:57 PM
Jun 20

I've often commented that, no matter the question at hand, someone here on DU will have a solution.


(5,717 posts)
33. So glad it worked out! I'm right behind you making the switch
Thu Jun 20, 2024, 01:27 PM
Jun 20

I look forward to closing my Rectum account!


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77. It feels so liberating!
Thu Jun 20, 2024, 07:30 PM
Jun 20

Thank you ever so much for that info, made my day and then some. And, apparently, others are glad to have that info too! You should get some kind of bonus for all the new traffic they'll be getting!


(10,239 posts)
34. Hey 2na!..Coming on here to...
Thu Jun 20, 2024, 01:27 PM
Jun 20

pm ya and say my ‘miss you’…saw this post….yay!

Shout out to jmbar2!


(880 posts)
41. L O V E, L O V E, L O V E,
Thu Jun 20, 2024, 02:06 PM
Jun 20

What a bunch of lovers here on DU. The responses have brightened many days, brought many smiles, and caused many hearts to flutter I am sure.

So happy for you 2naSalit!!


(29,021 posts)
43. i'm so glad to hear this.
Thu Jun 20, 2024, 02:37 PM
Jun 20

i didn't want to tell you this before but i would be so lost without my internet!

question everything

(48,131 posts)
47. Here is the link
Thu Jun 20, 2024, 03:25 PM
Jun 20

Starting at $15 per month

and there is eligibility requirement which is great, not for the ones who can afford the regular services.


and I like this

Please note, we do not require proof of citizenship.


(89,147 posts)
61. The initial cost...
Thu Jun 20, 2024, 04:39 PM
Jun 20

$60 for the modem purchase and $15/mo for the service thereafter so $75 to get started, $15/mo thereafter. I can afford that.


(5,869 posts)
48. The Big L says DUDE!
Thu Jun 20, 2024, 03:26 PM
Jun 20

Great job jmbar!!
I read the thread and there were good suggestions so I didn’t respond since so many smart peeps already had.

DU rocks!


(8,439 posts)
60. Thankfully we have an abundance of helpful people here...
Thu Jun 20, 2024, 04:36 PM
Jun 20

That can help those who are down on their luck. I'm thrilled that you hang out here where you belong, 2naSalit!


(150,733 posts)
52. I am SO thrilled to hear your great news, my dear 2naSalit!
Thu Jun 20, 2024, 03:57 PM
Jun 20

My Farmer's Market photos just wouldn't be the same without your wonderful comments!

Welcome Home!

Blue Owl

(52,399 posts)
59. K&R
Thu Jun 20, 2024, 04:35 PM
Jun 20

I might look into this service too -- I think my current provider is charging like $100/month! Ripoff....


(20,218 posts)
64. Awesome news! I took a look at @jmbar2's link yesterday to see if that ISP would be good solution for
Thu Jun 20, 2024, 05:03 PM
Jun 20

my 87-year old mom. Unfortutnately, they currently don't support California, but hopefully that will come.

Glad to have you here 2naSalit.


(89,147 posts)
65. Thank you...
Thu Jun 20, 2024, 05:08 PM
Jun 20

I am kind of surprised they cover my area, honestly. It's a piggyback set up and they provide access through T-Mobile and rectum which both serve my area.

I am thankful like you wouldn't believe.


(116,265 posts)
68. Thank you, jimbar2, for rescuing our 2naSalit and keeping her with us!
Thu Jun 20, 2024, 05:17 PM
Jun 20

And may that information prove useful for others, as well.


(155,036 posts)
71. excellent
Thu Jun 20, 2024, 06:37 PM
Jun 20

just curious but I'm wondering why you were not previously made aware of this program - seems like you should have been! I'm guessing there are many others who are not aware...........


(89,147 posts)
75. I was not...
Thu Jun 20, 2024, 07:27 PM
Jun 20

And I'm guess you're correct, probably not so many know about it. The closest brick and mortar is in Denver but they ship the equipment and the rest is handled through an account.

Glad it was offered up as a suggestion. I haven't completed the sign up but I plan on getting in motion by Monday, had some things come up today that distracted me from my mission. Doesn't seem like such an emergency now that I have a plan and a solution.


(9,807 posts)
74. Yay! I am so happy for you! And for us, because we get to keep you right here with us.
Thu Jun 20, 2024, 07:21 PM
Jun 20

So it's time for a happy dance!


(89,147 posts)
78. Thanks.
Thu Jun 20, 2024, 07:33 PM
Jun 20

I wasn't leaving, just expecting spotty internet access for however long it took to find reasonable ISP rates. Telling my story here generated the answer in a very short time.

That's one of the reasons why DU is awesome.


(7,856 posts)
87. Hurray! Welcome back!
Fri Jun 21, 2024, 12:25 AM
Jun 21

Please let us know if we can help brainstorm the ideal place for your relocation!


(16,573 posts)
94. Yay! More from a treasured Wordle buddy
Fri Jun 21, 2024, 10:56 AM
Jun 21

And a great DUer!

So happy you are getting connected for everything you need in your life!

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