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There are damned good reasons why most dads arent ALLOWED to take their daughters clothes-shopping. (Original Post) MiddleFingerMom Jun 2013 OP
That could be a good look for me. nt rrneck Jun 2013 #1
As a former single parent to a young lady.... Wounded Bear Jun 2013 #2
Never send dads shopping after a Lost in Space marathon. Gidney N Cloyd Jun 2013 #3
She shouldn;t have sent him off hungry OriginalGeek Jun 2013 #4
ah...yes. The shiny silver track suit. Chan790 Jun 2013 #5
IS that from Duct-Tape Casuals? benld74 Jun 2013 #6
Fabulous! graywarrior Jun 2013 #7
As a dad of two daughters I agree olddots Jun 2013 #8
If they ever do "Wizard of Oz" play at school she is a shoe in for the Tin Man. Arctic Dave Jun 2013 #9
Keep her away from the microwave. nolabear Jun 2013 #10
It looks like an awkward reenactment of John Travolta in his white suit in "Saturday Night Fever". MiddleFingerMom Jun 2013 #15
Out of habit, dad headed straight for the Hardwear Department pinboy3niner Jun 2013 #11
!!! MiddleFingerMom Jun 2013 #16
what is going on with that child's belly? Tuesday Afternoon Jun 2013 #12
Nothing, I think. Chan790 Jun 2013 #13
but, something is hanging out underneath ... like a shirt Tuesday Afternoon Jun 2013 #14

Wounded Bear

(57,712 posts)
2. As a former single parent to a young lady....
Sat Jun 8, 2013, 11:30 AM
Jun 2013

I resemble that remark.....

Truth is, though, I never bought her anything like that, except maybe on Halloween.



(20,176 posts)
5. ah...yes. The shiny silver track suit.
Sat Jun 8, 2013, 12:01 PM
Jun 2013

A staple of any sophisticated wardrobe (gender non-specific)--along with Nantucket-red slacks, blue slim-lapel suit, white Oxford dress shirt, little black dress, all-purpose blouse, neutral color camisole, plain white unisex tee, a decent pair of dress-casual shoes and two good pairs of blue jeans that never see the dryer.

How does any girl or boy live without ever looking like something out of a Michael Jackson video?



(20,176 posts)
13. Nothing, I think.
Sun Jun 9, 2013, 12:24 AM
Jun 2013

It's funny looking but I think that's just wrinkles and the way the light is reflecting.

Tuesday Afternoon

(56,912 posts)
14. but, something is hanging out underneath ... like a shirt
Sun Jun 9, 2013, 12:29 AM
Jun 2013

but, you could be right about the light reflecting

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