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Sat Jan 18, 2014, 07:17 AM Jan 2014

It sucks to be already awake for a nightmare. Kinda long near death experience post.

My trucker nightmare scenario happened last night. I noticed a weird minor clunk sound/feel when I would apply the breaks, and made a mental note to tell my boss that we should make time to have it looked at in Chicago, or possibly when I get back to L.A.

Every thing seemed normal as I blew passed the Halloran Summit brake check turnout before the long drop in to Las Vegas. Since I was in no hurry, and while not real heavy 68k lbs +, I was heavy enough, so I decided to drop in to 12th gear at the very top, before the down slope even began though I was only going about 55mph cresting the rise. I braked firmly to get my engine rpm's low enough to rapidly drop to 12 gear, and then I intended to immediately, drop again to 11th gear which is my usual descent gear for that drop at around that weight.

Upon breaking, that disturbing little clunk, turned into a startling big clunk, with a decided pull to the left. I reapplied the brake, wanting to down shift to at least 10th gear A.S.A.P. In a matter of a second or two my air pressure warning alarm triggered as I was able to drop into 12 gear, but even as I shifted my brake peddle drop to the floor and I knew I had a serious problem, I was at the top of a roughly 8 mile 6% downgrade with no brakes, my only out was a runaway truck ramp and a big decision 4 miles ahead. As soon as my engine got the air pressure passed 70psi and I had some air pressure for breaking I applied as much pressure as I dared, and was able to drop into 12 gear before losing all my braking air pressure, and once more my brake peddle hit the floor.

I was in the truck lane with a break in the Friday night Vegas traffic so I was able to get around the truck I was running up on, while checking on the next lane in my mirror it was obvious that all my wheel hubs were already smoking from the friction, which means among other things that whatever pressure I apply will be less effective due to the heat glazing between the brake shoes and hubs.

By this time I was chalked full of adrenalin, and my mouth was so dry, I knew that I had to make sure that I was thinking clearly, and not make any mistakes, as I had already run out of wiggle room before I even started down hill. I let my air system build up to 100psi trying not to think of the speed I was also building. I had to get down to at least 10th gear if I was going to be able to maintain control of my rigg, and save my very scared ass.

At 100psi I got back on my brakes and as I slowed to just under 55 I was able to drop from 12th to 11th gear, and the extra rpm's from the engine braking helped to build air pressure fairly quickly, I instantly built up speed to my engine's redline at 20k rpm.

I was at my moment of truth, if I missed my next down shift, and could not get back in to 11th gear, I might not be able to get into any gear and that would mean I was dead, the only choice left would be if I had the guts to leave the roadway at a place where I would not harm anyone in my immediate area. Again at 100psi I braked as hard as I could, and used my "splitter" switch to drop into 10th. I hit the switch, revved my engine and dropped my eye to my rpm gage which would be the first indication if I caught the next lower gear.

I was very relived to see my rpm's shoot up from about 18k to 25k and with that confirmation that I was in 10th gear, and due to the thinning traffic (it as just after 11pm PST) I just needed a little luck, and no dumb-assed moves from myself or any of the remaining Vegas runners.

I was still a couple of miles from the halfway point, and the emergency truck ramp, but due to the very high rpm's I was able to build enough pressure in order to feather my brakes as efficiently as possible to slow my truck enough to not go much over deep in the red zone 25k rpm's, my actual speed between 65 to 75 mph. I made the decision not to take the truck ramp, not knowing if it was a bad decision for about a half mile when I would make the last bend and be on a straight line of sight to State Line and the traffic between me and the flatlands just before the Nevada boarder.

I got around the corner and there was nothing in front of me for at least 4 more miles, my only worries left was the possibility of my smoldering brake hubs lighting my tires on fire, and the extra thrill of multiple blowouts at high speed with a fiery death thrown in for laughs.

There are moments when I actually miss being a cube-rat.

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It sucks to be already awake for a nightmare. Kinda long near death experience post. (Original Post) denbot Jan 2014 OP
Holy FUCK, dude. Grats on making it out of that one alive! Systematic Chaos Jan 2014 #1
If you were a cube rat flying rabbit Jan 2014 #2
Holy shit. Hassin Bin Sober Jan 2014 #3
Wow! antiquie Jan 2014 #4
Very intense. If it's any consolation... NNadir Jan 2014 #5
Totally awesome job! In_The_Wind Jan 2014 #6
MY GOD, my dear denbot! CaliforniaPeggy Jan 2014 #7
Oh my gawd, I was scared shitless for you just reading this!! riderinthestorm Jan 2014 #8
Jesus H. Baldheaded Christ. WilliamPitt Jan 2014 #9
Congratulations! magical thyme Jan 2014 #10
Glad you came out of that OK. A bit of luck, eh? A HERETIC I AM Jan 2014 #11
holy shit Kali Jan 2014 #12
Denbot, I'm really glad you're here to tell us this story! csziggy Jan 2014 #13
damn, glad it worked out. nt awoke_in_2003 Jan 2014 #14
Glad you made it libodem Jan 2014 #15

flying rabbit

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2. If you were a cube rat
Sat Jan 18, 2014, 09:03 AM
Jan 2014

you would be writing about paper cuts. Nobody wants to read that. Seriously though, DAMN fine job of keeping it together.

PS get that truck looked at.


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5. Very intense. If it's any consolation...
Sat Jan 18, 2014, 10:01 AM
Jan 2014

...it's a very well written post from which one can learn a lot if one knows nothing about driving trucks.

You sound like a very professional driver.

We're all glad you lived through this experience.


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6. Totally awesome job!
Sat Jan 18, 2014, 10:19 AM
Jan 2014

Since I started working as a pilot car I've learned to understand everything you just said.

Take my word for it ... being a cube rat once you've tasted the open road will never work again.


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7. MY GOD, my dear denbot!
Sat Jan 18, 2014, 11:35 AM
Jan 2014

Look, I've already lost one friend this week, with another teetering on the brink.........for crissakes, be careful!

And I know you are.

Well written! Edge of the seat time. Scary as shit. I was right there in that cab with you.

SO GLAD you're OK.



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9. Jesus H. Baldheaded Christ.
Sat Jan 18, 2014, 11:46 AM
Jan 2014

Have a drink. Have 10. Welcome back from the edge.

...and as a driver with a baby daughter in back sharing the road with trucks, let me say with emphasis, very very very very very very VERY well done, sir. That is some hard-core ice-water shit right there.

You're understandably freaked out, but never forget: you hit that moment you've only dreaded before, you hit it and you handled it and you did every single thing right, even though your balls were up in your throat and your asshole-pucker-factor-10 left teeth marks in the seat. You met it and faced it down, and now you have a story to tell that, frankly, had my balls in my throat and my asshole gnawing on the chair.


Now drink.


magical thyme

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10. Congratulations!
Sat Jan 18, 2014, 12:01 PM
Jan 2014

Double congratulations on living to tell us about that!!!!!

Now knock off a couple and give yourself a chance to recover from your NDE...


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11. Glad you came out of that OK. A bit of luck, eh?
Sat Jan 18, 2014, 12:11 PM
Jan 2014

I've been down that grade many, many times. It always astounded me that CalTrans never installed another one or two runaway ramps.

Risky call to not take the ramp though. You could have rolled onto the flat at 150!

Again, glad you made it down safely.


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13. Denbot, I'm really glad you're here to tell us this story!
Sat Jan 18, 2014, 07:46 PM
Jan 2014

Since that means you're still with us!

Not to make light of it, but it did remind me of this song:


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15. Glad you made it
Sat Jan 18, 2014, 10:38 PM
Jan 2014

I was on the edge of my seat. I had a friend tell me once that they had been curious about the run away truck ramps. They look so cool like a carnival ride straight up hill.
So one day as he was cruising down hill real fast he swung into the run away truck road....and buried the car to the axles in sand.

I can't remember all the story but I think it required a tow and one is responsible for repairing the sand.

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