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Stuart G

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Mon Jun 30, 2014, 03:20 PM Jun 2014

Very Cheap, Very Useful, Easy To Get and Easy to Use..

(oh, you define the use for the object, if you desire...some kind of good use would be preferable...)

I will start with..............Duct Tape


good luck to all...........

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Very Cheap, Very Useful, Easy To Get and Easy to Use.. (Original Post) Stuart G Jun 2014 OP
I think this complies with all your guidelines. Arkansas Granny Jun 2014 #1
yes..!!!!!!!!! Stuart G Jun 2014 #2
Baby oil jmowreader Jun 2014 #3
LOLOL...would you care to list some? clarice Jun 2014 #8
Sure jmowreader Jun 2014 #22
I guess my mind was elsewhere......Bad Girl. nt clarice Jun 2014 #25
I think that was covered with "massage oil." Iggo Jul 2014 #28
That's FUNNY *falls on the ground* nt. clarice Jul 2014 #32
PM me. Scuba Jul 2014 #103
You're sick The Second Stone Jul 2014 #43
No, no, you've got it all wrong jmowreader Jul 2014 #45
Adhesive velcro roll Bosonic Jun 2014 #4
i make my own wallets- duct tape, velcro, mopinko Jul 2014 #63
Baking Soda PumpkinAle Jun 2014 #5
Baking soda is great-- only one thing... ailsagirl Jul 2014 #34
i use it for hopemountain Jul 2014 #38
Thank you - didn't know about the windows PumpkinAle Jul 2014 #42
Toilet paper? Tom_Foolery Jun 2014 #6
I only buy reusable. nt clarice Jun 2014 #11
WD 40. dixiegrrrrl Jun 2014 #7
Tie wraps? nt. clarice Jun 2014 #9
what is a tie wrap? grasswire Jun 2014 #14
No, it's one of those plastic strips where you insert one end into the other.... clarice Jun 2014 #15
Cable ties Bosonic Jun 2014 #16
BINGO...thanks,nt clarice Jun 2014 #17
zip ties = awesome hibbing Jul 2014 #77
Also called zip ties. Iggo Jul 2014 #29
Zip ties !!! *Smacks her own head* Thanks. Peace. nt clarice Jul 2014 #31
Plastic wood? (she said wood). nt clarice Jun 2014 #10
soap grasswire Jun 2014 #12
Super glue? nt clarice Jun 2014 #13
Baseball bat ? If I can't fix it, I'll beat it to death. nt clarice Jun 2014 #18
Hammer LadyHawkAZ Jun 2014 #19
Slogans. rug Jun 2014 #20
PVC Pipe bluesbassman Jun 2014 #21
Utility knife Aerows Jun 2014 #23
Iron Skillet Aerows Jun 2014 #24
vaseline petroleum jelly Stuart G Jun 2014 #26
Really nice for dry hands ailsagirl Jul 2014 #35
Works on feet too - put on (at night) PumpkinAle Jul 2014 #44
Feet too!! ailsagirl Jul 2014 #47
keeps ants off the hummingbird feeder... Phentex Jul 2014 #80
Another very important one......... dental gum swords.... Stuart G Jul 2014 #27
are these the same as "plackers"? hopemountain Jul 2014 #39
Yes, they are..I think "plackers" is a brand name. Stuart G Jul 2014 #41
Aloe vera gel IronLionZion Jul 2014 #30
Yesterday, I was in the plant department of a food/pharmacy/store..saw an aloe vera plant..on sale.. Stuart G Jul 2014 #73
I second Arkansas Granny's post ailsagirl Jul 2014 #33
I'm gonna go with beer. panader0 Jul 2014 #36
Toothpicks Contrary1 Jul 2014 #37
You got that right.... Little Star Jul 2014 #71
Safety pins. I always a few in my wallet for bra strap emergencies riderinthestorm Jul 2014 #40
tin foil eShirl Jul 2014 #46
Sounds like my online dating profile. Joe Shlabotnik Jul 2014 #48
DUzy! KamaAina Jul 2014 #75
Planning a weekend in Las Vagas? nt sarge43 Sep 2014 #113
Dryer sheets Glorfindel Jul 2014 #49
Composted Manure. UncleYoder Jul 2014 #50
This is a unusual, but a terrific answer..thanks for posting it Stuart G Jul 2014 #51
excellent answer. so many free ways to build soil. and so important. mopinko Jul 2014 #62
monofilament fishing line surrealAmerican Jul 2014 #52
Grass clippings. Chan790 Jul 2014 #53
Rubbing Alcohol Stuart G Jul 2014 #54
It's also good for cleaning a dirty computer keyboard. n/t RebelOne Jul 2014 #56
Cool - how do you do that? lovemydog Jul 2014 #72
a toothbrush helps also IronLionZion Jul 2014 #83
Thanks IronLionZion lovemydog Jul 2014 #84
I use it straight out of the bottle. Just pour some onto a paper towel. n/t RebelOne Jul 2014 #97
a rescue dog QED Jul 2014 #55
+1! SammyWinstonJack Jul 2014 #76
Yes! shenmue Jul 2014 #106
Two more...toothbrush, and cheap cap to protect from sunburn Stuart G Jul 2014 #57
along with duct tape... Kali Jul 2014 #58
How does that jb weld work? libodem Jul 2014 #59
it is a two-part epoxy Kali Jul 2014 #60
This set has a couple of spots libodem Jul 2014 #61
oh yeah it might work for that Kali Jul 2014 #64
Good idea libodem Jul 2014 #66
Of courrrrse DU libodem Jul 2014 #67
Vinegar sarge43 Jul 2014 #65
How do you apply it as an insecticide? libodem Jul 2014 #68
Spray bottle or just pour on the nest sarge43 Jul 2014 #69
I just got a gallon bottle of white for cleaning libodem Jul 2014 #70
How about ...household bleach? Stuart G Jul 2014 #74
One that was not listed, prevents disease and other events...condoms Stuart G Jul 2014 #78
metal clothing hangers dr.strangelove Jul 2014 #79
Such as? Lists. Duer 157099 Jul 2014 #92
Easily bendable rigid materials are useful dr.strangelove Jul 2014 #94
I'm a fan of those "magic eraser" white cleaning pad things. Arugula Latte Jul 2014 #81
Hydrogen Peroxide-The MIRACLE cure for infections Boxerfan Jul 2014 #82
Channel locks, the most useful tool ever. kwassa Jul 2014 #85
The Aggie knurling tool. n/t cloudbase Jul 2014 #91
potatoes noamnety Jul 2014 #86
Details please. Duer 157099 Jul 2014 #93
First step noamnety Jul 2014 #95
Air BlueJazz Jul 2014 #87
Real clean air is often not free. Sometimes when it is very polluted people move to other places. Stuart G Jul 2014 #100
Good point. BlueJazz Jul 2014 #102
Wave cream (for hair). nt Jamaal510 Jul 2014 #88
Wine. crim son Jul 2014 #89
Very Hot Water.. from your from the faucet to clean mirrors.......(nothing added) Stuart G Jul 2014 #90
Empathy n/t enigmatic Jul 2014 #96
Corona Woolfat av8rdave Jul 2014 #98
Got two: madamesilverspurs Jul 2014 #99
You just described and old girlfriend of mine Boom Sound 416 Jul 2014 #101
Great thread. I'll add a scissors just because this wonderful tool hasn't aleady been listed. Scuba Jul 2014 #104
Tweezers and ice antiquie Jul 2014 #105
Yes....ice is kinda special. Stuart G Sep 2014 #111
A library card IrishEyes Jul 2014 #107
A hockey puck jmowreader Aug 2014 #108
This thread covers it pretty well.. sendero Aug 2014 #109
I discovered a polisher / buffer instrument...cheap, very easy to use, and very good. Stuart G Aug 2014 #110
Bubble wrap nt sarge43 Sep 2014 #112
Aloe vera gel....an update...yes, it really works... Stuart G Nov 2016 #114
Toothpaste! Totally Tunsie Aug 2019 #115
Very cold water out of the tap, for drinking..like.."a glass of water" Stuart G Aug 2019 #116


(50,834 posts)
45. No, no, you've got it all wrong
Tue Jul 1, 2014, 08:48 PM
Jul 2014

It's made to grease up babies. I guess that's so you have an excuse if you drop 'em. "Honest dear, I was being r-e-a-l gentle with Junior but I hugged him and he shot right out of my hands."


(23,052 posts)
34. Baking soda is great-- only one thing...
Tue Jul 1, 2014, 04:05 PM
Jul 2014

Don't buy Arm & Hammer because that company tests on animals-- at least, it used to. So I buy a generic brand, which is much cheaper anyway.


(3,919 posts)
38. i use it for
Tue Jul 1, 2014, 06:48 PM
Jul 2014

cleaning out my cast iron skillets : apply dry and liberally to soiled pan (do not wet beforehand), let it set for a few minutes, work it into and around the pan using a dry cloth or papertowel. keep working it by rubbing and moving around, work out the tougher spots until they are gone, apply more baking soda if necessary, when everything has been absorbed and worked away, dump the soil into the trash and rinse with hot water. air dry the pan.

cleaning counters - sprinkle onto surface, wipe with cloth, sweep into trash, spray with vinegar and dry.

cat litter box - sprinkle bottom of clean, empty box with 2 tablespoons prior to adding fresh litter. completely change litter & wash box weekly.

windows - apply a bit to a damp sponge or cloth - wipe clean with a cloth.

for cleaning glass on ranges and oven doors. toaster ovens etc.

deoderant: apply a few drops of hydrogen peroxide on cotton pad, dab on a bit of baking soda and wipe under clean armpit. (it really works! no odor! am allergic to commercial deoderant & do not use personal hygeine products or food stuffs with "aluminum" or chemical ingredients.)


(1,210 posts)
42. Thank you - didn't know about the windows
Tue Jul 1, 2014, 08:24 PM
Jul 2014

what a great idea.

I am also going to try your deodorant trick.

FYI: I just tried MOM deodorant - Milk of Magnesia - it too works - no smell at all! I bought it from the People's Pharmacy, but am going to try doing my own as it is a little pricey.



(5,504 posts)
15. No, it's one of those plastic strips where you insert one end into the other....
Mon Jun 30, 2014, 05:12 PM
Jun 2014

and you pull it through. It has little "teeth" in it that cinches it down tight.
What in the heck are they called?


(19,481 posts)
21. PVC Pipe
Mon Jun 30, 2014, 05:48 PM
Jun 2014

Relatively cheap, light. and easy to work with.

Bike rack:


Storage bin rack:



(23,052 posts)
35. Really nice for dry hands
Tue Jul 1, 2014, 04:06 PM
Jul 2014

At first, of course, it's sticky, but once it sinks in a bit, your hands feel really smooth and hydrated.

Stuart G

(38,672 posts)
27. Another very important one......... dental gum swords....
Tue Jul 1, 2014, 11:16 AM
Jul 2014

They run about 2 to 3 cents a piece. They look like a tiny saw (dental floss as the saw) with a round space and a u shaped top..
You will find them in most stores where there is toothpaste..They are easy to use and you floss your teeth with them. So, you floss your teeth much easier then using regular floss, and for 9 to 10 dollars a year you can help prevent gum disease/loss of teeth...They are very effective and I had gum disease and started using them and the disease was greatly decreased in not removed. So, this is very important if you do not floss because flossing is easier this way. Keeping gums healthy has been linked to other diseases too


(3,919 posts)
39. are these the same as "plackers"?
Tue Jul 1, 2014, 06:56 PM
Jul 2014

"plackers" are essential. use according to instructions. the dental tech always comments on how healthy by gums and teeth are.

Stuart G

(38,672 posts)
41. Yes, they are..I think "plackers" is a brand name.
Tue Jul 1, 2014, 08:11 PM
Jul 2014

I have bought "Plackers" since I started flossing, I think that is over 15 years ago. My dentist says exactly the same thing about my gums. Also very few teeth problems..

Stuart G

(38,672 posts)
73. Yesterday, I was in the plant department of a food/pharmacy/store..saw an aloe vera plant..on sale..
Sun Jul 13, 2014, 08:35 PM
Jul 2014


Maybe I will buy 2. One to use now, the other to grow into a giant plant. Yes, the gel comes from this desert (dry place) plant.

Little Star

(17,055 posts)
71. You got that right....
Sat Jul 12, 2014, 01:52 PM
Jul 2014

I often use them this way..
wood filler: One of the best and most popular uses is as a makeshift but sturdy wood filler. If you have stripped screw holes for hinges, drawer hardware or other spots, you can fill the hole with toothpicks. Dab glue on the end of each toothpick, then slide it in, and break off the end. Once the hole is tightly filled with toothpicks, re-drill the stripped hole.

50 Uses for Toothpicks: http://www.networx.com/article/50-uses-for-toothpicks



(23,272 posts)
40. Safety pins. I always a few in my wallet for bra strap emergencies
Tue Jul 1, 2014, 07:01 PM
Jul 2014

Tears, buttons falling off etc

They literally keep me together


(70,943 posts)
62. excellent answer. so many free ways to build soil. and so important.
Sat Jul 12, 2014, 11:24 AM
Jul 2014

i built a farm from free landscape waste, courtesy of my many mexicano neighbors.
also use a lot of shredded paper for my chickens. the neighbors save it for me, tho i have a big shredder as well. we do deep litter, so twice a year i get a big pile of almost ready chicken manure.

eat a lot of weeds here, too. especially the girls.



(20,176 posts)
53. Grass clippings.
Wed Jul 2, 2014, 01:54 PM
Jul 2014
How Cheap? Very cheap. Most people are happy to let me have them for nothing.
How Useful? Very useful. They make my lawn and garden produce more vegetation.
How Easy To Get? Very easy. Like I said, most people are happy to give them to me; they're ubiquitous.
How Easy to Use? Very easy. You don't have to do anything but throw them on the ground and let them rot.

Stuart G

(38,672 posts)
54. Rubbing Alcohol
Thu Jul 3, 2014, 07:00 AM
Jul 2014

Disinfects, and rubbed into a painful joint, sometimes removes pain temporarily...many other uses too.


(46,024 posts)
83. a toothbrush helps also
Mon Jul 28, 2014, 03:32 PM
Jul 2014

any kind of all purpose cleaner would work on a keyboard. The benefit of alcohol is that it dries up very quickly. Don't use paper towels it will leave paper residue all over it.

The alcohol also helps dry out things that have fluid in them, whether they be electronics or your ears.


(2,803 posts)
55. a rescue dog
Thu Jul 3, 2014, 03:54 PM
Jul 2014

Here dogs can be rescued from the county for $20. Their use/value is immeasurable in terms of unconditional love. You open the door after a long and stressful day and work and here's this bundle of lovin' so happy to see you and shower you with kisses. All the crap from work melts away. He's your best friend.

Stuart G

(38,672 posts)
57. Two more...toothbrush, and cheap cap to protect from sunburn
Sat Jul 12, 2014, 07:33 AM
Jul 2014

Well toothbrush is cheap and useful..so is a cheap cap on strong sun days...or...one of those cheap sombreros that people where.


(19,288 posts)
59. How does that jb weld work?
Sat Jul 12, 2014, 11:10 AM
Jul 2014

Is it in a tube? I have something iron that I'd like to spot weld.


(55,243 posts)
60. it is a two-part epoxy
Sat Jul 12, 2014, 11:14 AM
Jul 2014

depends on how clean and the surface condition, plus how well you clamp or position things


(19,288 posts)
61. This set has a couple of spots
Sat Jul 12, 2014, 11:23 AM
Jul 2014

On the seat that are not fully connected. It snags the back of your pants and can leave holes. I wanted something to fill in the gaps. This could be the answer I'm looking for. Even if it just covers the point that snags it might help.

Thank you, Kali.



(55,243 posts)
64. oh yeah it might work for that
Sat Jul 12, 2014, 11:31 AM
Jul 2014

and the color (greyish black) will be pretty unobtrusive. if it seems too liquid for the job (runs and wont stay in place) there are also putty epoxies. they are the texture of playdough/modeling clay. usually in a tube shape with two colors. you cut off a small piece and knead it with your fingers until it is a uniform color before sticking it on whatever. read the instructions about surface prep and you should be good.


(19,288 posts)
66. Good idea
Sat Jul 12, 2014, 11:55 AM
Jul 2014

Cuz duct tape doesn't always fit the bill. My back yard is quite green right now. It looks so barren in that picture. I trimmed all the bushes quite severely last fall due to the 'Wooley worm' report of a heavy snow year. I didn't want the snow to snap the branches.


(28,972 posts)
65. Vinegar
Sat Jul 12, 2014, 11:50 AM
Jul 2014

Excellent for cleaning (along with baking soda), safe insecticide, no kitchen complete without it.


(19,288 posts)
68. How do you apply it as an insecticide?
Sat Jul 12, 2014, 12:18 PM
Jul 2014

I am currently plagued with an infestation of Elm Seed Bugs. They are new to this area. They swarm the outside of your house around doors and windows, and come in where they can. They are supposedly harmless because they don't bite. But they defecate. They defecate like a fly does in little brown specks.

I'm packing and cleaning for a move and my effing blinds are not just dusty. Those MF'ers have shit on both sides.

I'm having to wash the slats as well. Everybody who dislikes me here can be happy that in some ways my quite life has its own moments of hellishness. (spell check hates hellishness) Just telling you.


(28,972 posts)
69. Spray bottle or just pour on the nest
Sat Jul 12, 2014, 01:11 PM
Jul 2014

Spray on them and on the surfaces they light on. They can't stand the acid. You have to keep after them. Vinegar evaporates quickly, Use apple cider; it's the strongest and the cheapest.


(19,288 posts)
70. I just got a gallon bottle of white for cleaning
Sat Jul 12, 2014, 01:21 PM
Jul 2014

They seem to like the nooks & crannies of the siding. I think I'll clean the blinds with it. Perhaps it will discourage them from using my blinds as an outhouse.

I'm free associating here. For some reason I had a flashback to a man I used to work with. He used to say something about how some people would just shit the bed and wipe on your curtains. That's how these bugs are.

Stuart G

(38,672 posts)
78. One that was not listed, prevents disease and other events...condoms
Mon Jul 28, 2014, 01:29 PM
Jul 2014

It just wasn't listed before...not my fault..we need a complete list..


(4,851 posts)
94. Easily bendable rigid materials are useful
Wed Jul 30, 2014, 03:27 PM
Jul 2014

but its up to you to decide what to use it for. Famous example are to get into locked cars, improve analog TV receoption and pick up baseballs that have gone down into sewers in NYC, but I have used them to cook, to reattach a muffler and hold a flashlight in place while I fixed a leaking hose in a car in the dark. I always keep a role of Duck tape, a hanger, screwdriver set, nylon rope and knife in the car and expect I will use each in dozens of ways before I die.


Arugula Latte

(50,566 posts)
81. I'm a fan of those "magic eraser" white cleaning pad things.
Mon Jul 28, 2014, 02:42 PM
Jul 2014

They seem to be able to clean stuff that regular cleaners miss, and without harsh chemicals.


What Mr. Clean Magic Erasers Can Do:

remove dried paint from door hinges

remove tarnish from silver

remove mold & mildew from anything plastic

clean & polish gold jewelry

remove soap scum in the tub and shower

remove marks on walls

clean splatters inside the microwave

remove marks on vinyl siding

clean mirrors in the bathroom (keeps shower mirrors from fogging)

remove adhesive residue after removing stickers

remove waterline mark around the pool

remove hair dye from countertops & floors

clean light-colored suede

remove black scuff marks from baseboards (where the vacuum cleaner hits)

clean the outdoor side of window sills stained from leaves, dust and dirt

clean plastic coolers inside and out (…even dirty grimey ones used by men with greasy hands!)

remove rust spots & stains on countertop

remove cooked-on stains in pots and pans

remove soot off the walls near the fireplace

clean within the grooves of lawn ornaments

clean sticky/dusty range hood over the stove

remove nail polish spills or stains

clean airbake cookie sheets & bakeware (the kind with all those tiny grooves)

clean oven shelves & the grates on the grill

remove wet nose marks from pets on the windows (even car windows)

remove toothpaste splashes from bathroom mirrors

remove melted plastic on the side of the toaster oven

remove grimey green algae from cement (bird baths, steps, ponds, etc)

clean stained elbows from dirty work

remove green mildew from siding and gutters

remove paint spills & oversprays

remove toilet bowl rings (just cut a piece off & let it set in your toilet overnight)

remove built-up algae, water deposits, etc from ceramic flower pots

clean dish drainers that are gunked with lime and build-up

remove bird poop from concrete bird bath

remove coffee & tea stains that remain inside a mug, caraffe, thermos even after washing

clean the plastic agitator inside your washing machine

clean window screens (even when they are still in the window)

remove built-up baked on grease inside the deep fryer

clean inside the crock pot

remove melted plastic on a glass top stove

clean swimming pool steps

remove baked on brown spots on cookware

clean antiques & collectibles

polish collectible coins (UPDATE: coin experts recommend that you do NOT clean coins.)

clean & shine things up before you sell them in a yard sale

clean boat & outdoor furniture upholstery

clean vinyl striping on motorhomes, vans, boats

clean car tires, including white walls

clean pebbled surfaces like the outside of plastic coolers

remove pet & child vomit from carpet or clothing

remove scuff marks on motorcycle & ATV helmets

remove grass stains from shoes after mowing the lawn

remove scuff marks from hangers/shoes in the walk-in closet

clean oven door

remove pollen from patio furniture, cars, etc.

remove soap scum and gunk from around the bathroom faucets

remove hairspray build-up on countertops and vanities

remove soap scum inside porcelain & utility sinks

clean stained caulking along the kitchen sink & countertop

clean your bicycle, even the tires & rims

clean tile & grout

remove mildew from tents, vinyl canopies, awnings, fiberglass items

remove paint overspray that has dried

remove shoe marks from the kickplate of house doors & car doors

clean inside your car (along the handles, window ledge, arm rests, dashboard)

remove scuff marks and dirt from linoleum floors

remove stains on leather seats, purses, chairs, etc.

remove food stains inside plastic food containers

remove brake dust from tire rims

remove dirt and grime on a vinyl convertible top

remove nail polish from walls, carpets, wooden objects, plastic

remove soil or scuff marks from ceramic tile flooring

clean non-skid surfaces with tiny grooves (bathtub floors, refrigerator handles, pool steps, cooler lids)

clean & shine bathroom faucets & fixtures

remove magic marker, permanent marker, and ballpoint ink from virtually any surface

clean doll faces

clean textured handles on major appliances (dishwasher, refrigerator, stove)

remove fingerprints and dirt on light-colored kitchen cupboards

clean inside of the refrigerator

remove crayon marks from walls

remove dirt from plastic trash cans

remove dark paint on light-colored carpet

clean soap scum and oils from hot tub

clean a car’s vinyl interior (gets into the tiny crinkles in the vinyl armrest, etc.)

clean white porch railings, columns & pillars

remove bugs from car windshield, grille, and bumper

remove paint scratches on your car from minor fender benders

remove rust and corrosion that’s built-up on the outside of pipes (kitchen/bathroom)

clean & shine hubcaps

remove built-up grime on the car steering wheel

remove finger prints & build-up on the keyboard and mouse

remove oxidized paint from an old car

remove built-up gunk from vinyl seats

remove tar from your car’s paint

remove set-in stains inside glass and plastic pitchers

remove scuff marks from the back of car seats (from kids’ shoes)

clean kids’ plastic toys

remove dirt and grime from athletic shoes and shoes with leather uppers

remove stains on the underside of the toilet seat

remove fingerprint & handprints from light-colored doors & walls

remove scuff marks from your patio furniture


(2,533 posts)
82. Hydrogen Peroxide-The MIRACLE cure for infections
Mon Jul 28, 2014, 03:15 PM
Jul 2014

I saw it used on a camping trip years ago-when we were 50 miles from any service. It prevented a major infection issue from a gashed kneecap.

Since then I have used it for tooth infections & anytime I have it available for cleaning a wound.

It also dissolves decades or buildup from coins that have been buried in the ground . In that case use an old pot pie tin or similar & cover the coin/object & heat on low. Don't let the fluid evaporate. And don't use it for any coins that have numismatic value. But for seeing a date on a crudded up old coin it works wonders.

And it is CHEAP.

Also-it can be rocket fuel IIRC???



(20,234 posts)
86. potatoes
Tue Jul 29, 2014, 10:53 PM
Jul 2014

remove rust, make stamps, use like that green foam for flower arranging, and my personal favorite because I had to use it once - removing a light bulb socket from a fixture if the light bulb mysteriously detached itself from your ceiling fan and floated around your living room and you swear you weren't high.

Duer 157099

(17,742 posts)
93. Details please.
Wed Jul 30, 2014, 03:21 PM
Jul 2014

I have a broken light bulb fixture I need to remove too. How do you do that.

And.... are you high? Floating light bulbs?



(20,234 posts)
95. First step
Wed Jul 30, 2014, 04:11 PM
Jul 2014

is to cut off the circuit breaker just in case the potato gets any ideas. Then you just jam the raw spud onto the light bulb thingie. It sticks on like the missing light bulb, and once you got the spud handle, you can turn it to unscrew it.

That was the weirdest thing, seriously. I was sitting on the couch in the living room and we had the ceiling fan with 4 lights. One of them ever so gently let go of its metal part, and because it was hot it didn't just drop and smash, it floated around like a little dirigible. I saw there staring at it in disbelief. No witnesses, I'm sure the bulb timed it that way just to fuck with me.

Stuart G

(38,672 posts)
100. Real clean air is often not free. Sometimes when it is very polluted people move to other places.
Thu Jul 31, 2014, 05:00 PM
Jul 2014

Stuart G

(38,672 posts)
90. Very Hot Water.. from your from the faucet to clean mirrors.......(nothing added)
Wed Jul 30, 2014, 06:41 AM
Jul 2014

Will get rid of all smudges and filth on a mirror...almost instantly. Yesterday I tried this out on my bathroom mirror, and I saw the clearest cleanest bathroom mirror I can remember. Just let the flowing water from the faucet fall on a wash cloth, now it is wet and hot, then take the hot wet wash cloth and polish the mirror. Take some toilet paper and dry the mirror. Throw the toilet paper into the toilet and flush the toilet. Let the wash cloth dry...repeat when necessary...


(10,578 posts)
98. Corona Woolfat
Thu Jul 31, 2014, 01:08 PM
Jul 2014

Never even heard of it until I moved to Ohio. It was originally sold as a balm for teats and udders, but it has many more uses. It's a great antiseptic, as well as a drawing salve. Got a splinter? Slather some woolfat on, and it'll be out in no time. Dry skin? Woolfat. Poison ivy? Woolfat. Portfolio underperforming the market? You guessed it!


(15,885 posts)
99. Got two:
Thu Jul 31, 2014, 04:02 PM
Jul 2014

1. Orajel (or generic) -- very handy to take the itch out of bug bites so kids don't scratch

2. Noodles -- the foam rubber ones for swimming. All kinds of uses; cut to length, stores cords for electronics, not easy to lose; cut to length, slit down one side, slip over a clothes rod to keep items from tangling (I do this in my mini-van to keep my fishing poles separate). A piece of noodle keeps shopping bag handles from gouging the palm of your hand. Slit a piece and slip it on the top of the laptop screen to keep notes handy.



(4,299 posts)
105. Tweezers and ice
Thu Jul 31, 2014, 10:35 PM
Jul 2014

Tweezers can pick up, pluck out, and help repair small things. My most used tool as my fingers age.

Ice is one of my most used emergency first aids.

Stuart G

(38,672 posts)
111. Yes....ice is kinda special.
Mon Sep 1, 2014, 06:10 PM
Sep 2014

I hadn't looked at this for awhile, but ice is so simple, and does a lot. for lots of things..


(3,275 posts)
107. A library card
Thu Jul 31, 2014, 10:50 PM
Jul 2014

Very cheap. Yes, it is free. Yet it is very valuable to have one.
Very useful. Yes, there are a ton of great resources at the library.
Easy to get. Yes, it just takes a couple of minutes.
Easy to use. You hand your library card to the nice librarian and you can take out wonderful books and films. All free as long as you return your items on time.


(50,834 posts)
108. A hockey puck
Sat Aug 9, 2014, 05:48 AM
Aug 2014

They're only a couple bucks apiece. They're available at Amazon, sporting goods stores and probably Walmart. They are useful anywhere an inch-thick hard rubber disc would come in handy.


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109. This thread covers it pretty well..
Sat Aug 9, 2014, 08:12 AM
Aug 2014

.... vinegar, baking soda, bleach and hydrogen peroxide - all tremendously useful household chemicals.

Stuart G

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110. I discovered a polisher / buffer instrument...cheap, very easy to use, and very good.
Sun Aug 10, 2014, 01:54 PM
Aug 2014

Mine is very old, but it still works.....

It will shine up spoons, forks, faucets, old tools, but it works very slow. No chemicals, fancy tools, or tricky stuff to pour on or wait to use. Nothing really to buy..I never used it before, but I tried it on a faucet and a marble sink top, and it got the dirt and grime out......Now, no one will sell this to you, and I cannot, cause you got some around the house right now.

... Let us say you have some sort of mark on your faucet. No need to take out the cleaner or bleach.. Turn on the hot water, get the water as warm as you like, not too hot just hot enough, and take the water, and rub the water with your ...are you ready??? your finger tips, on the mark, and it will come out yes, it may take some time, but your finger tips with plain water, will shine up that faucet better than bleach...perhaps a little soap on your finger tips, if you desire, and lots of rubbing [the rubbing does not have to be very hard] and the stain or mark is removed. take a wash cloth, and clean the soap and water up..and you are done.

Finger tips have grooves that are small and effective, and the soap, (a bar of soap is very cheap) on your tips is enough with the water. The friction of the water on something back and forth, is a very very powerful cleaner. Water friction will cut through anything. Water on your tips of fingers, moving over a surface, will shine up anything. Oh, you don't think so. try it. Now, here is the catch..........you don't have to buy anything....maybe some soap, maybe not....These tools are easy to use...very handy...and you got them in a place where you will not forget... No one has told you about this tool cause no one can make any money out water from your faucet, and your finger tips... Try it on some tarnished spoons. Run the water over it, and shine it with your finger tips.. That spoon will look like new.........Yes, really..but it may take longer than you expect, but this is chemical free, stink free, and about as cheap as you can get.....Yes, it sounds crazy...but...no one makes one cent. off of these special tools. used with water.and it works...try it...

Oh, one more thing..these tools come clean very easily..as easy as washing your hands......

Stuart G

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114. Aloe vera gel....an update...yes, it really works...
Wed Nov 23, 2016, 07:55 AM
Nov 2016

Did something to my right foot. About an inch above my third toe from the big toe. I took one of those huge gauze pads, (4 x 4 inches) soaked it in Aloe Vera Gel, put the pad on the spot that hurt, covered that and within a couple of days the pain in the foot became much less. (I had to reapply the gel twice each day).. I did that a few times, and the pain subsided to a point where I stopped thinking about it. Yes, occasionally it bothers me, but there is no doubt that the gel promoted healing. The gel is an ancient healing technique that can heal. It was discovered by Native Americans living in the southwest and in Mexico. Aloe grows as a weed down there, and is available to all for almost no cost. I got a one gallon jug of the stuff at that leading cheap very huge retain chain..(don't want to mention it..people don't like it here..) for about 7 to 8 bucks. Yes, reduces pain, heals rashes, and promotes healing of body parts. Someone said you can drink it, (it is not poisonous)..but I do not know. Since it is really a weed, no one has got a patent on it, and it is cheap. Yes, if you have a good sun exposure, you can grow them in a window that gets lots of sun...Good Luck to all...

Totally Tunsie

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115. Toothpaste!
Mon Aug 19, 2019, 11:52 PM
Aug 2019

It works well as a jewelry polisher, especially diamonds.

Use with a soft cloth to clean and shine shoes.

Also, use it as a filler for small holes when removing picture hooks from the wall.

Works as a cover for small smudges or marks on a wall.

Apply to the inside of goggles to prevent fogging. Same principle also works for bathroom mirrors.

...and a whole bunch more!

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