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Thu Oct 29, 2015, 01:37 PM

Kensington Market man doles out bad advice for $1

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(Some background: "Kensington Market is a distinctive multicultural neighbourhood in Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Market is an older neighbourhood and one of the city's most well-known. In November 2006, it was designated a National Historic Site of Canada.[1][2] Robert Fulford wrote in 1999 that "Kensington today is as much a legend as a district. The (partly) outdoor market has probably been photographed more often than any other site in Toronto."" Wikipedia)

Ryan Sadler frequents Kensington Market with a sign offering bad advice for $1.

By: Tara Deschamps Staff Reporter, Published on Thu Oct 29 2015

If youíre looking for some good advice, donít bothering asking Ryan Sadler.
Heíll sell you bad advice for $1 if you spot him around Kensington Market, where heís been catching attention with his kooky sales pitch for the past few weeks.
The Star caught up with Sadler, who has a background in finance, to find out why heís flogging crummy advice.
In case you donít heed Sadlerís warning not to follow his recommendations, take ours ó his advice is really bad!
Where did the idea to give bad advice come from?
I ... was sitting on the couch, watching YouTube clips. Iím a huge Ronda Rousey fan and I was just listening to her give this quote. ... Her basic critique was a person doesnít get to be an active participant in society, you donít actually get to be a critic of situations around you, unless you are actively doing something. It occurred to me I was doing absolutely nothing, so I whipped up a chalkboard sign, came outside and thatís been it.
Ryan Sadler frequents Kensington Market with a sign offering bad advice for $1. Most customers find they get exactly what they paid for.

What are some of the pieces of advice youíve given out?
I will say anything, from ĎGet a tattoo of Stephen Harper on your buttí ó itís a topical tattoo, people like topical tattoos. Iíll tell people to interact in strange, but very friendly and non-aggressive ways with police. Iíll suggest that people ruin their lives in obscene decadence by consuming everything that is put around them. Ö "


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