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I'm doing 90% dabs and drinking Voodoo Ranger... ask me anything. (Original Post) nilesobek Apr 2017 OP
Can you explain that in layman's terms? Tobin S. Apr 2017 #1
Ditto. dchill Apr 2017 #2
same nt steve2470 Apr 2017 #3
Dabs (is) marijuana's explosive secret steve2470 Apr 2017 #5
Beer and THC Oil The River Apr 2017 #4
Yeah it's probably pretty damn hard to conduct an AMA under that lmao nt retrowire Apr 2017 #6
That'ts right and I apologize. nilesobek Apr 2017 #11
It Was The River Apr 2017 #13
No worries, you are among friends here steve2470 Apr 2017 #14
I don't get dabs Mosby Apr 2017 #7
It's peak cannabis. nilesobek Apr 2017 #12
Why would you need both? cwydro Apr 2017 #8
Go go Voodoo Ranger! sakabatou Apr 2017 #9
Well I learned something new tonight! lapucelle Apr 2017 #10


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5. Dabs (is) marijuana's explosive secret
Mon Apr 17, 2017, 08:19 AM
Apr 2017

Two months into Colorado's great marijuana experiment, a single trend may be poised to tarnish the "natural and healthy" image of legal weed: hash oil concentrate. Washington, the next state to roll out legal recreational marijuana, has banned it. Colorado is trying to regulate it.

Hash oil concentrate, a powerful distillation of marijuana's essential active ingredients, is mixed into many new and popular cannabis products: edibles, drinks and liquids that can be "smoked" in vaporizer pens like e-cigarettes. The problem-child of concentrates may turn out to be the actual concentrate itself—a hardened or viscous mass of cannabinoids created via a process of butane-gas extraction.

Making it can be explosive. In fact, all over the country, people have been exploding kitchens and basements trying to make their own butane hash oil.

And smoking it—a new craze called "dabbing," because a little dab'll do ya—is giving an intense high miles beyond the mellow effects of a joint.


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11. That'ts right and I apologize.
Thu Apr 20, 2017, 11:57 PM
Apr 2017

Working 17hr days and should delete. I went right to sleep but did not pass out. Couple of dabs and one ranger.


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14. No worries, you are among friends here
Fri Apr 21, 2017, 06:51 AM
Apr 2017

The internet is wonderful, but it's very hard to convey humor. You have to try extra hard and even sometimes that fails too!

You're cool, no worries.

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