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Wed Feb 29, 2012, 04:24 AM

Main Street vs. Wall Street: Ground Zero in Ohio: March 6, 2012


Main Street vs. Wall Street: Ground Zero in Ohio: March 6, 2012

More than $60 billion and possibly as much as four trillion dollars in defense contractor money authorized by Marcy Kaptur for use in Iraq and Afghanistan is missing. But while American funds diverted to weapons manufacturers is missing, such manufacturers like General Dynamics and Teledyne seems to have discovered they have extra funds to help Marcy Kaptur place misleading ads against Main Street's Dennis Kucinich. Marcy Kaptur, has made over 80 major votes for weapons funding and has also voted to allow corporations to terminate employee pensions as well as voting for the largest Social Security CUT in history. This makes her Wall Street's top or near top candidate against Main Street in 2012.

In addition to opposing the funding of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons produced by Kaptur's largest backers, Kucinich is demanding that the people of the United States get back the money the defense contractors owe so that the economy can be restored. Kucinich has called for investigations into the missing money and Kaptur's loose fingered friends don't want those investigations. Kucinich is a regular speaker at Occupy Wall Street rallies as he knows that America's future depends on the people. Many of Kaptur's backers have corporate offices in other countries to avoid paying American taxes.

While Kaptur gets much of her funding from corporations, now treated as having more rights than humans, people are donating as much as they can afford to their voice in Washington, Dennis Kucinich. Kucinich always turns down corporate donation. Oddities revealed by news articles about how Kaptur has more money in the bank after raking in less money and spending more than Kucinich are curious. From an accounting standpoint, Kaptur's campaign finances don't seem to pass the smell test. This makes people wonder whether the FEC should conduct an investigation into Kaptur's campaign funds to find out whether there is any connection to the missing money.

Marcy Kaptur, if you don't have the missing money in your campaign chests, perhaps you can get your backers to tell you where they hid it. That money belongs to the people and you need to return it to the people.

As the Occupy Wall Street movement is being met with evictions, brutality, tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets, OWS's top supporter in Congress Dennis Kucinich is being met with ads that characterize opposition to war as if it is opposition to seniors and workers. Since Kaptur is the one with the record of inflicting major blows against Social Security and against workers on behalf of the Wall Street corporations that are funding her, those commercials would be laughable if they weren't aimed at confusing voters so close to election time. At the same time, students, workers, veterans and seniors who dare to stand for their rights are being subjected to chemical and other attacks with weapons manufactured by Kaptur's backers. Every vote for Kaptur is a vote for more funding for chemical attacks on students, like what took place at UC Davis.

If Main Street loses Kucinich on March 6th and Wall Streets gains a major victory with Kaptur, there will be little chance that new laws supportive of consumers and real people (as opposed to Kaptur's corporate personhood friends) will see the light of day in the next session of Congress. When a candidate's top donors are weapons manufacturers who don't want the people looking into the missing money that is stifling the American economy, they will fight hard and dirty for their insider officials like Marcy Kaptur, who keep the money flowing to them. Kaptur's weapons manufacturing donors General Dynamics, Teledyne Technologies, Inc., Lockheed Martin and other manufactures of weapons of mass destruction are counting on their misleading ads to trick the public into voting against Dennis Kucinich. They want the investigations into the missing funds ended. Who would be better to help end the investigations than Marcy Kaptur, the vote these opportunists can count on in Congress? Teledyne's other major candidates are Republicans but Kaptur rides the pro-weapons wave with those top weapons-lovers. Kaptur has now acquired backing from top Republicans, such as George Voinovich himself.

So what March 6th, 2010 really stands for is whether real Americans, real people, can beat Wall Street defense contractors, corporate "people." A victory for Kaptur would set people's rights back a century. A Kaptur victory means her defense friends get to keep those missing billions/trillions. But imagine what that money could do for the American economy if Kucinich won and was able to force Kaptur's friends to return those funds to the people. A victory for Kucinich would put America back on track to being the country of the people, by the people, for the people. It's time the People of Ohio stood up and refused to be stomped on by Marcy Kaptur and the corporations that profit from death.

FN: for further analysis of Kaptur's voting record, see http://www.opednews.com/articles/Can-Ohio-Residents-Afford-by-Ruth-Hull-120221-265.html and http://www.opednews.com/articles/Marcy-Kaptur-Dick-Cheney-by-Ruth-Hull-120223-715.html

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