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Texas will be gaining two more Dems (Original Post) Jake Stern Jun 2018 OP
register to vote vlyons Jun 2018 #1
Will do! Jake Stern Jun 2018 #2
Don't register to vote through the Driver's license people, though! Bongo Prophet Jun 2018 #3
Thank you for the heads up! Jake Stern Jun 2018 #4
This should help: TexasTowelie Jun 2018 #7
Abandon hope all ye who enter here DuckBurp Jun 2018 #5
Thank you! Jake Stern Jun 2018 #6
Tool for voter registratoin Gothmog Jun 2018 #8

Bongo Prophet

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3. Don't register to vote through the Driver's license people, though!
Mon Jun 25, 2018, 04:32 PM
Jun 2018

They are notorious for not following through. I worked early voting in 2016, and sooo many young people that registered through Driver's license office wren't showing up at all. The GOP election judge just smiled and shrugged at that, though she was all worked up over the voter ID aspect. Of course.
I think it is a reaction to Moter Voter Act in the 90s, which they hate - and just an inside joke with them at this point. They love to tear down the workers there and at post office. Racism so "subtle" that they can't help smirking a bit.

Go to Election bureau instead - they are far more likely to get it done.


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5. Abandon hope all ye who enter here
Mon Jun 25, 2018, 07:40 PM
Jun 2018

Just kidding.

Welcome to Texas. There are more of us Dems here than some would give us credit for. I'm glad you're joining us.

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