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Mon Nov 20, 2023, 05:37 PM Nov 20

The GOP's Rejection Of Science And The Urgency For Environmental Action

Republicans at the State Board of Education deny climate change and uphold fossil fuel interests.


Last week, at the regular State Board of Education (SBOE) meeting, Republican members rejected most of the science books because of science’s “negative portrayals of fossil fuels.” Worse, they aren’t allowing any language regarding climate change.

This is a consequence of 20 years of GOP rule, gerrymandering, and voter oppression.

Heat in Texas kills nearly 300 people per year as it is. That doesn’t count the increasingly severe thunderstorms, ice storms, and hurricanes. Completely ignoring climate change and pretending like it doesn’t exist will cause the situation to get worse.

Texas has warmed between 0.5°-1°F in the past century. “In the coming decades … summers are likely to become increasingly hot and dry, creating problems for agriculture and possibly human health,” warns the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It predicts that 70 years from now, the state will have three or four times as many days per year above 100°F as it has today.

At this rate, we’ll see a mass exodus in Texas within the next few decades. Yet, Republicans in charge of our school systems want to teach our future generations that the climate crisis isn’t real.

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