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Fri Nov 8, 2013, 02:33 AM

KOMO News: Seattle entrepreneur testing the law with his pot delivery service (recreational MJ)

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I gave this a try today. More details below the KOMO News (Seattle) story about the recreational marijuana delivery service operating legally in King County:

Seattle entrepreneur testing the law with his pot delivery service


"We provide a service that delivers legal marijuana to the average, everyday Washington citizen," Evan said. The founder of the Winterlife Co-Op, Evan said he's operating the first delivery service in the state for recreational pot users. He advertises on Craigslist and markets heavily on Twitter. He claims he has hundreds of customers who want more privacy and like the convenience of getting their pot delivered.


Evan and his partners are willing to push the boundaries of the new law and believe the same voters who legalized recreational pot want the right to have it delivered to them, no matter what the state says. "I would challenge them on that," Evan said. "I would be happy to challenge them."

Evan said he gets his marijuana from legal sources and doesn't actually charge customers for the product. Instead, he charges for his delivery services. It's a gray area that's also used in the medical pot market. He also said his company doesn't provide services to minors or out of state.

Seattle police say Evan's business would be a very low priority issue for them.

More at the link:


I've lived long enough to know that when an online advertisement includes the words, "no bullshit," it's always, always, always bullshit.

by Shampoobra

So when I saw those words on Winterlife Co-op's Craigslist ad this morning, knowing that "no bullshit" always equals bullshit, I didn't get my hopes up too high.

Okay, so there's this one first time. I admit it. One time, ever, a guy wrote "no bullshit" on a web ad, and it was true. That time was today.

I don't live in King County, and it was a long, boring, windy and rainy drive, and it sucked having to do that in my old car, and people were driving like Washingtonians, but it was totally worth it. If I lived in the Seattle area, they would have delivered it to my house. Instead, we agreed on a meeting place within Winterlife's delivery area, and the transaction was made in just a little more than the time it took me to drive there.

Keep in mind, this was with nothing more than a Washington State driver's license to prove I'm a resident and 21 years of age or older. I didn't need a medical marijuana card.

EDITED TO ADD: The recreational pot stores won't open in this state for another 6 months or more.

I got the Indica I wanted (from a wide selection of various strains), and was able to discover for the first time whether or not I like edibles. He had a great selection of those, and it turns out, I'm big fan of the edibles. Who could have guessed.

The representative I met with could have, by all appearances, fit into any job type. I used profanity a few times (bad habit), but he never did. It wasn't like doing a drug deal. He could have been an office worker or a machinist or a school teacher, and strikes me as someone I would feel comfortable having in my house. One of the unfortunate facts of pot prohibition was that we often found ourselves meeting with people we didn't necessarily trust, but this experience was as normal as any other retail transaction.

I still can't get over how easy the whole thing was. The guy I met with is one of four, and each serves a separate Seattle area. He was going to send me to the person who does the downtown area, but I'd rather eat glass than try to drive in downtown Seattle traffic. So he had no problem meeting me at a location just off Interstate 5. When I arrived in the Seattle area and called him to revise my ETA, he answered on the first ring.

Quick, smooth, professional, trustworthy ... and no bullshit.

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