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Sun Jul 29, 2012, 12:41 PM



R-Money is insecure with his standing in the community of regular human beings because he has no idea how other classes of people live.
To me R-Money must wipe his ass with some of the 100 dollar bills out of his $250,000,000. He has to shit gold bars as well, ya think?
R-Money is like the people that live over in the nice part of the neighborhood where crime is nonexistent because of great police coverage. The regular folks get coverage when there is a crime call...
The R-Money's butler's drive their Bently's and Caddie's to the store to buy some Grey Poupon. While Jack and Jill get there in the family grocery getter or Chevy.
R-Money may have the world by the balls when it comes to money, but, I tell you on my side of the hood he is looked at, and, thought of as an out of touch greedy ass two faced creep who cares for no one.The only people R-Money cares for are his accountants and scam artist money launderers.
Another thing on the other side of the neighborhood where the regular people live, we look down on those who think their money makes them better than the rest of us.
They aint shit in our book!! Fuck em all and the horses they rode in on!!!

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