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Mon Dec 12, 2011, 12:00 AM

Democracy for America Group Mission Statement and Standards

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Mission Statement:

The DU Democracy for America group is a place where DFA members and supporters can discuss and share their experiences. We seek to promote progressive values and fiscal responsibility, continuing the work to revitalize the Democratic Party begun by Howard Dean. Catch the latest news from DFA's 2012 efforts to create a grassroots movement to take our country back. Reminisce, reinvigorate, and help spread the message of a grassroots campaign to take the country back.

Disclaimer: Please note that supporters of other Democratic candidates for national office are welcome to start DU Groups to support those candidates as well. The existence of any of these candidate forums does not imply endorsement of any candidate by the Administrators of Democratic Underground.

Please visit the Democracy for America website and browse if you haven't already: http://www.democracyforamerica.com/


Group Procedure and Standards of Conduct

1. All members will treat other members in a manner consistent with the DU Community Standards, Terms of Service, and Copyright Policy. No member shall disclose personal messages without authorization. No member may engage in personal attacks or harassing behavior. Discuss the post and not the poster.

2. If a host believes a thread to be off-topic they may lock that thread, but they shall not lock any thread that they have participated in, beyond posting an explanatory locking comment. Hosts shall fairly consider appeals, and submit any appeal to other hosts for an open vote on the lock, with all host votes being equal. Members who interrupt a vote on their appeal will automatically have their appeal denied.

3. No member shall be blocked from a group without a specific warning issued by a host, followed by an open vote on the block if the warning host judges the that warning has been ignored. If a member disrupts the open vote on their block, they will automatically negate the vote and be blocked. Members who appeal their block may receive a second vote on the block. No block shall be permanent and shall not exceed 6 months in duration.

4. The lead host shall appoint no more than 4 co-hosts, and shall stand for election every 6 months, to be announced 1 week beforehand, and approved either by a unanimous consent motion, or a free and fair election that shall have a registration period of 72 hours and last 72 hours. The lead host shall operate the voting in an appropriate manner. Members shall refrain from commenting in the voting thread. During this period members may freely debate the merits of candidates and the purpose of the group. Any debate must be consistent with the DU policies. No DU member shall be denied the right to register and to vote.

Welcome to the DU Democracy for America Online Meet-up! Please to post in the pinned welcome thread.



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