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Thu Mar 22, 2018, 08:08 PM


Let's Start by Fixing the 13th Amendment

13th Amendment:
"Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

THIS PART NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN INCLUDED > (except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted) Let's stand as Democrats and Get it REMOVED.

13th Amendment should read as follows:
"Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

THIS IS precisely why the Prison system and the Justice System use Judicial Process based on black codes and Jim Crow scamming of the law to seek out any means to "incarcerate blacks". Prison's in America is Big Business for the system as well as for a great many, who profit from Prisoner Labor, and now "For Profit Prisons Facilities" run by corporations, and guess who own's those corporations ??????????

It's time this Nation Give Up On Methodology of Making Slavery.... It profits a few in a select group and the unnecessary language of trying to have a "back door" to prolong methods of slavery, is destructive to the nation, and damages our society, our financial responsibility as American citizens and serves to enrich those who profit from this form of continuing slavery. Be full well aware people, the poor whites who are "indentured" by lifelong debt and the same low wages as blacks and other minorities, are members of the Indentured, who equally so are made to give "involuntary servitude" as a form of "ongoing slavery.


When we address THIS issue as this GIANT Elephant.... which everyone can see and many try and pretend its not there.

We will be AMAZED AT THE DEMOCRATIC VOTER TURN OUT, Because people can understand what this means and they can SEE Democrats Addressing and STANDING TO CORRECT the Wrongs, Interjected into the 13th Amendment, Its something that has been LONG neglected.

When we fix this, then we can go State by State and fix the twisted laws that were devised under the Slavery's System and under the Black Codes and Jim Crow ERA...... !!!!!

Now, let's see if we really are going to truly stand up and be The Party we All say we want to be.

This is not just a black issue, it's poor white issue as well. - will we promote progressive values and fiscal responsibility, because this ISSUE has infected how our legal system functions and how it impacts the fiscal conditions of this nation and all working class people, working poor, blacks, whites and others, and the dire poor, it totally devastates.

If we want to take back Congress, then let's have some change agenda firmly in place, and the people WILL come out and Vote.

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Response to Civic Justice (Original post)

Thu Mar 22, 2018, 08:56 PM

1. We change by Making Changes...!!!


When all these Prisons that "farm out Prisoners" to various business... that money should not go to the Prison, and what ever they charge those business for that Prisoner Labor, should be no less than Minimum Wage, depending on the Job skill, it may well be higher. That money should be put into an Account, under that Prisoners Name... it can be used for "restitution to whom ever was damaged or suffered a loss", and even a % for people who have terms that are not life, so when they get out, they "don't end right back in" because they are broke with no options. That money can be controlled, to ensure they have a place to live and if needed, maintain themselves until they can find work without having to go directly on some other form of public assistance.
If prisons do what they claimed and work to rehab people, many who may not have had a skill, will have one by the time they get out.

People who have committed horrible and murderous crimes, and get life... if they are put to work, that money can be used to either help their family, and/or a portion used to support "After School Programs" for young people, to help keep them from ending up in a crime type situation.

We have to stop thinking like a Nation that was Nursed and Groomed on Slavery Ideals, and think of How to be The Democracy that our Declaration of Independence Instituted and Our Constitution was structure to manage and promote.

When we truly look at what it is to be a Democrat for Democracy... then it all comes clear. Republicans are more concerned about the Representative nature of Governance, by dominating the Representation to be about Business before People... That's why the Party Difference are difficult to reconcile in ideology. We have agreement, that we are a Republic, with Representative Governance... But under our Form of Democracy, the Representative is ONLY to represent the VOICE of the People... But in the Republican Ideals, the Representative is to Represent the Ideals of Business and Industry BEFORE and ABOVE people.

This is the type of understanding that must be Spread to the Broader Citizen Population, and when People understand, they will be of many who will Join in with the Democratic Party.....

Even more so today, as so many people have been screwed over by Corporations and Industry, from destroying the stability which Union Labor Provided to this Nation, Destroying the Pension system that Unions promoted and supported the company to provide through negotiations, and the health care that was also part of Union Agreements.

(When Unions were busted, that was 10's of Millions, no longer with health coverage, as a result the insurance rates skyrocketed, because it no longer had the guaranteed money of Millions to keep its cost lower. )

Some companies abandoned their Pension Funds, and turned them over to the Pension Guarantee company, resulting in employees and retirees, having their Pensions reduced by 2/3 rd's..
more 10's of Millions outsourced, because with no Union and Right Wing Thinking Politicians, they saw the wants of Business to have greater profits without the responsibility to the American Citizens whom it wants to sell it products, by Laying off 10's of millions, and seeking "slave wage labor on foreign soil"... (another act of a nation, that can't get the pursuit of slavery's ideology out of its system).

We have to "think this stuff through to see, why we are in such a debt trouble, and a devastated economy and a ever expanding ghetto across the nations, in a time when EVERY big company, EVERY big financial institution, count their profits in "$Billions, every Three Months.... and we have a system, that refuse to even raise the Minimum wage to meet the economic standards in our American Cities.

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Response to Civic Justice (Original post)

Wed Sep 18, 2019, 06:17 PM

2. truer than ever before


there was always an 'except'.

question is correct... why haven't we addressed this. Who isn't identifying the value of this important understanding?

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