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Wed May 4, 2016, 04:44 AM May 2016

Hillary only needs 168 delegates, there are 165 undeclared super delegates,

With the idea super delegates are going to switch over and support Hillary she has the required delegate count. Every delegate she gets is going to be lagniappe for the rest of the primaries. Do we want and need delegates from the red of the primaries, yes we do.

Hillary only needs 168 delegates, there are 165 undeclared super delegates, (Original Post) Thinkingabout May 2016 OP
Hillary will continue to campaign BlueMTexpat May 2016 #1
Well said, BlueMT~ Cha May 2016 #2
My pleasure again, Cha! BlueMTexpat May 2016 #3


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1. Hillary will continue to campaign
Wed May 4, 2016, 05:07 AM
May 2016

as hard as she can to get as many pledged delegates as she can. She already has the majority of pledged delegates awarded so far and will either maintain or increase that lead as this LONG primary season rolls on.

Every time either Bernie or Jane mentions "contested convention," they will set another SD's teeth on edge and may even inspire undeclared SDs to jump into Hillary's corner.

Those SDs who have already declared for Hillary are now more dug in than ever, thanks to harassment from BernieBros.

When there are only two candidates left and one of them is winning both in pledged delegates and the popular vote as well as in SD endorsements, those SDs who haven't yet declared are hardly going to jump on the losing bandwagon. One of the two candidates will have the majority required to get to the magic number by the first ballot. Period.

A "contested convention" is simply not in the works, no matter how many times, Bernie, Jane or any of their surrogates keep saying so, shouting and waving their fingers, making snarky remarks about the "Anointed One" (this is especially hypocritical when they so clearly believe that Bernie should simply be crowned as the Dem candidate just because so-called Independent voters prefer him!), or any other of the losing tactics they've been using lately.

What began as a hopeful and energizing campaign for Sanders, speaking about important topics, has degenerated into something Dems generally expect to see from GOPers.


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