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Fri Nov 21, 2014, 10:14 PM


The Class conundrum...

There have been a number of niggling details that have been sticking in my mind as of late. Things like whenever discussion on class warfare starts anew in mainstream media, almost without fail it seems, an issue quickly erupts, generally dealing with sexism, racism, and to a lesser extent, healthcare or immigration... and all talk of class warfare evaporates into the ether.

Those four categories: sexism, racism, healthcare and immigration all sound rather broad in scope... but I'm starting to wonder if that's really the case.

I've noticed a consistent trend:

When sexism is brought up, there are almost compulsory knee jerk reactions... many of which are valid... some more thought out, and all generally with some rather strong feelings on the issue.
With racism, the reaction doesn't seem to be quite as strong as with sexism, but it’s not far behind… and certainly no less valid.
Healthcare and immigration both seem to draw out the GOP in droves for reasons I'm sure most of us are aware of.

Each of these topics seem to be virtually irresistible topics to draw fervent impassioned discussion...
and... I'm wondering if that isn't kind of the point.

We already know that the rich control the media...so it would stand to reason that they might use it to derail class warfare conversations in precisely this way.
I suppose a good question would be: Are we allowing ourselves to be distracted away from the issue of the class warfare being perpetrated on us? And if so, how can we address it without losing focus on it or the issues of sexism and racism.

What do you think?

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