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Sun Feb 10, 2019, 03:54 PM

An Educational Experience Happened here at DU at 1:00pm ..

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..It happened to me as I was doing research on a video. Because of the programing in my computer, I will post this in parts to save the information.. I was interested as to when a particular video that is playing in the General Discussion Group was made. When was Trump giving the testimony shown in the video?

As I watched the video below, it showed a much younger Donald Trump. So I hit the video itself and then I watched on YouTube. When I got to YouTube, I searched for more information about the video itself and how it got into circulation again. I found almost immediately, that the video was from an article at the Washington Post. The article was titled................
....................How Donald Trump’s 1993 comments about ‘Indians’ previewed much of his 2016 campaign
...................and the story was published on July 1, 2016..as part of the 2016 election.
....................the story was written by ...
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,By Philip Bump , July 1, 2016


It is a story from the Washington Post..published in July 2016..But the video itself was made in 1993 during some kind of hearing..The Washington Post..did the research and printed the content of that part of the hearing where Trump makes a stupid statement about Indians

BUT...WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS POST???.....why bring this up here and now???

Here is the point, it is simple. The ability to do research has changed dramatically in 30 years. It isn't a question of a little change. It is an incredible HUGE.. change in how a person does research to find information....

There are people who do not understand what research is about. Google Search eliminates the work. I know that the original research to find this video, at the Washington Post took some more time. Perhaps this video was in some group of videos that had Donald Trump speaking about issues. Or perhaps the author looked in a number of places to find that video. Videos are stored at different sites and collected in different ways.. They are categorized and put in order for different searches. Like videos are together for questions of government taxes...and another location might be "Donald Trump" interviews, and another might be "Interviews that contain information and statements about Native Americans"...

More important The steps that we used to take to find information are/were totally eliminated as we read the story and viewed the video..so what are those steps?

1. Go to the library.
2. At the library, go to reference section..(where reference materials are kept)
3.. Look into reference search vehicles such as:...Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature.. New York Times Index..any other references that contain older search entities. I would have searched for terms and entities that contained Donald Trump statements or the name "Donald Trump
4.. Maybe I would have to look for testimony that Trump made to Congress as a separate issue.
5. Once I found that information, I would have to copy that either by making a copy, or writing that information on a study sheet..with comments, and dates as well as information on the video itself.
6. After getting a number of comments by Trump, and getting copies of that, I would have to eliminate those that were not important to what I was interested in presenting.
7. After eliminating those that did not meet my needs, then write the story. with references.

Now, the author of that particular article at the Washington Post, did some of those steps..But, in order for me to find that video, and find the date and content of the story, and information about that story and that video..background info, like I wrote above...in the first part of this post............................here is the point..

I did not have to get up from this computer to find any of that information.

1..I did not have to search the library, or the Readers Guide, or Newspaper Index. or anything...
2. The Google Search did it all, and if I wanted to note the exact articles and dates of articles and authors of articles.......then I could find those too.... without getting up off my rear end from this computer

It is almost as if a person does not need to go to a library ever to get important reference materials or see past publications on important issues or events. As long as the printer works, or if you have a pad of paper that you could write information on next to the computer....I don't have to get up at all. If I need to print something off of the printer..I may need to stand up to operate the printer, but that is it. Out comes the copy, and there are the materials for my research, or whatever you want to call it.

Again, here is the point: as I sit here in my bathrobe, contemplating the world, I do not have to get up to get information on this issue. Reference points, much writing, walking around looking for sources, looking for actual newspapers or magazines with actual stories are totally eliminated. I can see those magazines, and articles without even leaving this chair. I don't need to ask the librarian, where are the old newspapers or magazines?I do not need to put some kind of audio or video tape into a machine to view some old reference stuff, or ask anyone anything. It is all here on the internet, at this computer, and with the printer. Yes, the machines needs to be hooked up, and the electricity needs to be on, and I need to know how to type..(which I learned over 50 years ago in high school) but that is it. If I want to listen to Trump talk from that 1993 interview, I might put on my earphones, or just listen to it loud. So, here is the point again..in doing research ...........Times have CHANGED.....IT AIN'T THE SAME...IT IS A NEW AND DIFFERENT WORLD...

....................MAYBE....I need to take a break..and watch a movie...ok...you know..there are some full length movies at You Tube...for free...is that true?...for free..? You Tube??? what is that ???

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Response to Stuart G (Original post)

Sun Feb 10, 2019, 04:12 PM

1. He also shows disregard for the FBI. nt

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Response to Stuart G (Original post)

Sun Feb 10, 2019, 05:30 PM

2. I think this ease of research has a drawback: memory and comprehension

It seems and for whatever reason, when you did have to go to the library, that effort "imprinted" on your memory more permanently. Whatever you learned stayed with you for a longer time. Maybe it's because of the process of reading, and then summarizing by writing it all down? Even today it seems like I hold onto stuff longer if I write it down, pencil and paper.

I'm in my mid-sixties and beside any memory deficits due to age, I'm convinced that I don't retain things as long if I pick them up online. I can't be the only one who has dug into something, then six months later did the same thing, sometimes not even remembering I'd previously looked it up.

The paradox for me is did I remember something better using older methods or because of a younger, more pliable mind? Is why I forget things today because of dwindling mental capacity or the ease of researching it? You don't have to commit to memory if it's so easy to look up, right? What would the educational psychologists out there in DU land say about that?

Today, I'd have a hard time giving up online searches. But then again, a reasonably well-stocked home reference library is quite the value too. There's just nothing like having the smell and feel of a book in your hands.

My two cents or sense or cense or scents

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Response to Stuart G (Original post)

Sun Feb 10, 2019, 09:23 PM

3. The ability to do research so easily is also a hazard.

The ability to do research so easily is also a hazard.

It is also easy to manipulate the data (change history) from the keyboard.

Newspapers often change their web articles after the print edition has come out to delete stuff that has become politically incorrect or inconvenient.

Photoshop and videos can be manipulated very realistically.

People can be made to verbally 'say' things they never said and it looks very real.

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