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Fri May 22, 2015, 03:57 PM

PowerCell Sweden to Supply Fuel Cell System for Low-Energy House in Gothenburg

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May 22, 2015 Azocleantech.com

The Nordic leading fuel cell company PowerCell Sweden AB has received an order from H-O Enterprise AB to deliver a fuel cell system for a low-energy house in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The project will be implemented in the fall of 2015.

The facility is a so-called self off grid low-energy house, which includes photovoltaic cells on the roof and facades, energy storage in batteries and hot water tanks, electrolyser, hydrogen tanks and fuel cells. The solar cells will generate electricity during daylight hours and the electricity will be used both to produce hydrogen from water using an electrolyser and to run the house, and recharge the batteries.

During evenings, at nighttime and during the winter season the electricity will be used with electricity from the batteries and from the fuel cell, which runs on hydrogen. The fuel cell produces excess electricity and even heat that is channeled into the house's hot water tanks and used for heating and hot water. The hydrogen in the tanks will also be used as a filling station to the household's planned hydrogen car...

Meet the PowerCell from Sweden

High efficiency with water as the only emission

PowerCell has developed fuel cell technology for more than a decade, and has perfected a unique design that enables the production of a lightweight, versatile and reliable power source for automotive, transport and stationary applications.

PowerCell’s fuel cell stack is designed to work in an APU environment on reformate* gas as well as pure hydrogen. It uses metal bipolar plates and state of the art MEA to give a robust, low cost and high performance design. Some of the design features are patented.

The Fuel Cell is based on PEM technology (Polymere electrolyte membrane). This is the most commonly used technology today, owing to its reliable and dynamic characteristics that allows for full power output within seconds. Another feature is the capability for extensive starts and stops...

About Powercell:
Our mission is to offer our customers environmentally friendly power systems developed with unique fuel cell and reformer technology that is suitable for both existing and future fuel infrastructures.
Over the years, the Volvo Group has promoted extensive research in the field of fuel cell systems, and this has resulted in an innovative, unique and patented technology for converting commercially available hydro carbon fuels into clean, environmentally friendly electricity.

Japan, Germany, Korea and now Sweden. Can't stop the Hydrogen Revolution. But the US can watch...or, not.

Of course, there were people in the US that were ahead of PowerCell but no one listened. Too busy planning or cheering the next drone bombings or invasions of Syria and Ukraine.

Michael Strizki's Fantastic Solar Hydrogen Home

Uploaded on Aug 31, 2008

In 2006, Mike took his home off of the electrical power grid. Ever since, he has been generating his own electricity. All of Mike's electrical power comes from solar energy. He usually generates 160 percent more energy than he needs to power his home. Mike isn't likely to sell his power to the grid. Instead, Mike uses the excess electrical power to make hydrogen, which he stores in tanks, to run his car on. Mike has proven that it is possible for you to power your home and car from solar power.

Wasserstoff υδρογόνο hidrógeno водород hidrojen idrogeno hydrogène väte waterstof

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