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Sat Jul 23, 2022, 05:32 PM Jul 2022

The Earthships of New Mexico Are Next Level Sustainable Living.

I used to think I was an environmentally friendly person. Then I visited the Earthships of New Mexico and realize I’m a total slacker.

I’ve long practiced “reduce, reuse, recycle” habits. I try not to use plastic if I can avoid it and conserve water, paper, and electricity in a dozen ways. This is nothing compared to what Earthship dwellers are doing. These people and their houses are a showcase to next-level sustainable living enthusiasm. But they’re also probably a little “out there.”

What’s an Earthship?

In brief, an Earthship is a type of passive sustainable housing. They’re also called “solar earth shelters,” and they’re predominately made of natural and upcycled materials. They’re also creative art projects. Earthships can support life completely off the grid. And that’s probably where it starts to get weird.


These places are so great! I definitely want to visit a few of these homes on my New Mexico visit next year!

The Earthships of New Mexico Are Next Level Sustainable Living. (Original Post) SergeStorms Jul 2022 OP
My closest neighbor built an earthship womanofthehills Jul 2022 #1
Sounds like you have your 'ship' together! SergeStorms Jul 2022 #2
I would think that the first thing to try is not living in a desert. Chainfire Jul 2022 #3
After it being so dry all winter and spring out here in the middle of NM - womanofthehills Sep 2022 #4


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1. My closest neighbor built an earthship
Sat Jul 23, 2022, 06:02 PM
Jul 2022

I’m in the high desert of NM and live in an area with lots of alternative building - earthships, strawbale, adobe and rammed earth. My boyfriend used to be a contractor so he and I built my place - it’s frame covered in redwood.

Almost all were built by women in the 90’s as building inspection was very lax out here back then. Most of the earthships have interior walls of cement/plaster covering soda cans. I made some retaining walls and stairs with cans. Back in the 90’s we were mostly all off grid. I’m one of the few that connected my panels to grid. All are facing south with lots of windows (including mine) for passive solar heat in winter.


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2. Sounds like you have your 'ship' together!
Sat Jul 23, 2022, 07:09 PM
Jul 2022

I remember seeing a variation of these out in and around Death Valley years and years ago. One had walls made of old whiskey bottles. The insulating properties are ingenious.

They seem so efficient and utilitarian. I can't wait to see one up close.


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4. After it being so dry all winter and spring out here in the middle of NM -
Wed Sep 21, 2022, 11:44 PM
Sep 2022

The monsoons came big time - it's like I'm living in a green wonderland of wildflowers and weeds. I've lived out here over 20 yrs, and this is the most rain we have ever had in summer. Everyone out here is growing pot now because we can, and we have to worry about mold because there is so much rain - go figure.

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