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Sun Jul 22, 2012, 05:51 PM


Who Am I

One of the first things new patients of mine hear from me upon their arrival into inpatient treatment, is not sympathy, or way to go, you made it...
I let them know they can change the thought process inside of their addicted brains.
We all know we are pro's at our art of using our drugs/alcohol. Having lived addicted for years or even months, that is using our, drugs/alcohol, before anything else even matters, our souls are ingrained with the life an out of control addict lives. An addict lives to kill the pain he or she has lived with for years. Many times the pain was there before the first taste of any drug. Most times the pain ends being stuffed up a needle while the H or whatever you wish to call it enters the blood stream and takes over the brain and your psychological self. The drunk slams his booze or beer with the same result. Down the hatch it goes, away goes the pain.
How bout turning that long lived process around by focusing on what your very gifted at? Like I said earlier, we know were the best junkies or drunks...how bout focusing on "I am a very good mother". "I am a talented singer". "I can get very good grades in school". "I am a very good athlete". You pick your own talent and live with it. Leave the focus off of the drugs minute by minute.
I do this by remembering what happens when I do the dope or drink.
I do this by remembering why> I came to a place called an INPATIENT DRUG TREATMENT CENTER.
I let each patient know the reason they came through them doors.
They come through them doors because they know they are good people.
They come through them doors cuz they know they are better at things than being the best junkie or drunk on the block...so to speak.
Life can change if you work hard on changing the focus in your life, and, with each day of living this intently, very good feelings arise, and, those addicted person blues gradually get less and less.
Focus on all of your positives.

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