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MFM has a sure-fire way for people to gorge themselves on Donut Day (June 1st) and STILL eat healthy (Original Post) MiddleFingerMom Jun 2013 OP
no no.. donut day is the first FRIDAY in June!..SO annabanana Jun 2013 #1
Ranch or Bleu Cheese? Major Nikon Jun 2013 #2
What's this Donut Day? Freddie Jun 2013 #3
It's actually Donut Day every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Hallelujah!!!!! MiddleFingerMom Jun 2013 #4
Interesting! Callalily Jun 2013 #5
LOL Lucinda Jun 2013 #6


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1. no no.. donut day is the first FRIDAY in June!..SO
Sat Jun 1, 2013, 07:39 AM
Jun 2013

the cookers and bakers in this forum still have time to tweak the recipe..

You know

add a radish or something.



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3. What's this Donut Day?
Sat Jun 1, 2013, 08:40 AM
Jun 2013

Donut Day is the day before Ash Wednesday, at least around here (PA). It's bad luck unless you eat a donut, traditionally a fastnacht (a square donut made with a potato dough) that day. I always figure more donuts = better luck! Happy to celebrate donuts twice a year now.

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