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Thu Apr 26, 2018, 07:58 AM

Message from Bill Penzey at Penzey's Spices

This message was posted on facebook by Bill Penzey. I took the liberty of posting the whole thing in its entirety as I couldn't find the message on their website and some folks here might not be subscribers to facebook.

Saturday before last we called out the president’s sudden shift from no crimes have been committed to it’s a crime to investigate my crimes—that day turned out to be far and away the biggest day for sales in the history of Penzeys. If you know of someone in charge of running a business, please let them know that if they are thinking of standing on the right side of history, now is the time.

It’s past time for Americans to stop pretending what is happening in our country is in any way normal. Through March the story has been that the President is not a criminal. This April the story has been changed to it’s illegal for the FBI to catch him in his crimes. Innocent people don’t do what this administration is doing. So many comments from all sides about the FBI’s raid on the offices of the president’s attorney, but in all those comments, no one is saying this is no big deal because the president has not committed impeachment-level crimes. No one.

Long ago we figured out cooking is kindness, that when we take the time to care for those around us, the world becomes a better place. A half-dozen years ago, when our home state of Wisconsin became the testing ground for how racism, intolerance, and hate can be used in politics to deliver a much greater share of the pie to the already wealthy, we realized kindness can't sit down simply because anger has stood up.

A while back we made the promise: “When we find the opportunity to have our offers possibly make a difference, we will try to have our offers make that difference.” At Penzeys, in our time speaking out, we’ve learned through experience that good messages are shared. When a good message is combined with something of value for free, it has even greater reach. And if you have a message that you wish would reach many-many people, combine it with something free of great value.

With the president declaring himself above the law, it seemed to be a time to try and reach as many as we could. And that we did. And even though we had a lot more of the Soul boxes ready than we had for any offer like this we’ve done before, somehow the combination of the message and the offer produced a wave unlike anything we ever experienced before. Out of caution, Saturday we started this as a two-day offer, but I really thought we would be able to extend it to a third. I was really wrong.

Bakers plan ahead, but Cooks tend to wait for deadlines. First days on our offers usually bring in only about a third of what final days bring. But even with just hours into making this offer, us trying to lower expectations by warning of rain checks in the stores and sizable waits for online orders, Saturday eclipsed every previous day in our history, more than doubling the previous sales record.

We are supposed to be a December business. April is our slowest month of the year. After doing this for 32 years I find this hard to fathom, but it sure looks like if we had been able to promote this as originally planned in the same way we’ve done for all our previous 3-day offers, the number of online orders we would have received in those three days would have equaled the number we received in the first five and a half months of last year.

You think you know your business, you think you know what’s possible, then the ceiling disappears. If you are in business, and if you are still not convinced the future of business in a social media world is in doing what is right, just keep repeating to yourself: five and a half months in 3 days; five and a half months in 3 days. The future of business rests in the hands of those who honestly care about humanity, and that’s a really good thing.

And for those of you who at times may think you are alone in your sense of loss at what America has become, please don’t. Our numbers show you are far from alone. But even more importantly they show that the America you love, the one that ever strives for ever-greater equality and ever-greater opportunity for all may have been knocked by a cheap shot, but it’s standing back up again, rolling up its great sleeves, and that America is determined to set things right. None of us can take our eyes off of the November 6 elections, but America is already being reborn, rededicated to the spirit of equality that made us the leader among nations.

So the good news is, both standing up for what is right is popular and our Soul boxes are popular, and combined they are really-really popular. So we have some catching up to do. Most of the promised Soul boxes have already been delivered, are in the mail right now, or will be in the next couple days. And next week some of the rain check boxes will start trickling into the stores, but our big issue is that your overwhelming response to this offer used up our supply of 1/4-cup jars. The next shipment of jars should be in at the end of next week, and once we get those filled and boxed we will have them quickly out the door to you.

While we are catching up, we are putting our previously planned promotions on a short delay. So today, instead of us offering you something we think you might like to try, we are giving you what you already want with the chance to get a free 1/2-cup jar of your choice, up to a $9.95 value, with any $5 purchase through Sunday . We also have an ending Sunday offer of a $6.95 value 1/2-cup of our popular Northwoods Seasoning with $5 purchase. Both offers can be combined with $10 spending (a $16.90 value).

To receive your in-store coupons for these two offers please click this link: http://spices.penzeys.com/Coupon-Sign-Up.html

Or visit us online at penzeys.com, and after spending $5, enter in the five digit number for the half-cup jar of your choice up to $9.95 followed by the letter "C" in the apply code box while checking out, i.e. 44455C for our really nice Granulated Garlic, or 43553C for Penzeys Cinnamon. It's easy. Once you reach $10 in spending you can also use the code 22150C to get your free Northwoods, too. No need to place the Northwoods in your basket, the coupon does that for you.

And thank you for your tremendous support. Sorry about the delay on the Soul boxes. We had “while supplies last” printed in the small text of the offer, but wherever it is possible, I would rather Penzeys use rain checks and back orders to honor offers instead of being a “minimum of 10 available in each store” type of business.

And we understand if you are kind of mad at us for not already having your free box to you; we deserve that. We get that cooking actually matters and lives in a place inside us where emotions are strong. You want these Seasonings to make tasty food for those you care about now not later. We are working to get them to you as soon as possible.

If you’ve received your Soul box and have already found some ways to use your new blends that those you cook for have enjoyed, please share your discoveries in the comments below. Cooking really does matter, it creates better futures by giving us the strength to stand up in times like these. The more we can all be a support group to all those starting out in trying to bring all the goodness of cooking into their lives, the better the future will be. Heal the World. Cook dinner tonight.

And please do what you can to support the message that in America no one is above the law. Maybe in the tapes of the president’s lawyer we will hear that the Russians, the Republican Party and Fox News did not all end up on the same page by coincidence. Maybe we won’t. But clearly those who do not have America’s best interests at heart got the best of us in the 2016 election. We can’t let that happen again this year.

Thanks for your support,

Bill Penzey


And if you know of someone involved in steering a business, or just in need of some good new, please share this post with them. In this social media world, the future of business belongs to those who honestly care about humanity. Now is the time to stand up for what is right.

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Reply Message from Bill Penzey at Penzey's Spices (Original post)
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Response to japple (Original post)

Thu Apr 26, 2018, 08:14 AM

1. I started buying from Penzy's after I saw how they took a stand...

against Trump and for progressive social issues. Now I'd highly recommend them for that but also for the prices and quality of their product.

FWIW I just received my free Soul box, as mentioned in their post, as well as a few other herbs and mixes we had run out of and one that we've been wanting to try, Herbs de Provence (hubby was surprised how much he likes it). Looking at the above deal I'm wondering if I can squeak one more small purpose from them in this month.

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Response to japple (Original post)

Thu Apr 26, 2018, 08:20 AM

2. Wow!

What an amazing man!

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Response to japple (Original post)

Thu Apr 26, 2018, 09:46 AM

3. I never heard of Bill Penzey or his company until 2016

When he stood up on social media and said HELL NO - Well figuratively at least.

But when most companies and all mass media was in the "Let's wait and see, give him a chance" nonsense Penzey's Spices was standing up and speaking clearly.

So I tried them.

A couple acquaintances (Not friends -no Trumpster has that title with me) said that I only use them because they are liberals.

Not true - I only tried them because they hate 45, now I use them because they sell a quality product at a fair price.

I especially like the savory leaves -which are hard to find whole and ground savory goes flat fast - and extra hot red pepper flake - which is so delicious. because it's so hot you can use smaller amounts and still get the heat without making the dish taste like chilies

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Response to japple (Original post)

Thu Apr 26, 2018, 11:55 AM

4. Yes, an amazing man!

Too bad I had an amazing article about his support of the gun control marches reported and removed...it also had an amazing message....

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Response to japple (Original post)

Thu Apr 26, 2018, 06:16 PM

5. Wow! I make a trip to Penzey's about twice a year for their Mexican Vanilla

I love the stuff! All the more reason for me to buy from them

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Response to japple (Original post)

Fri Apr 27, 2018, 02:14 AM

6. The OP refers to a previous Facebook post from Bill Penzey. Here it is

$34.95 American Soul Box Free, no purchase needed —
With the revelations of this week, the time has come for us all to stop pretending that what is happening in America is in any way normal. Right now we are in a struggle for the Heart and Soul of our country. It is a struggle we can’t allow ourselves to lose.

America matters, not just to us but to the world. The forces both foreign and domestic who’ve worked to shape the Republican Party into what it is today knew what they were doing. As long as America is America there is hope in all the corners of the world. Shut off our light and hope fades, opening the door for corruption to take hold. This week the corruption of the current administration was made clear time and time again. If they go unchallenged and are allowed to declare themselves above the law, the hope that is America will surely fade. We can’t let that happen.

If last week you were still backing the administration, after all we’ve learned this week please-please-please give thought to stopping. Last week he was saying he is not a criminal. This week the argument shifted to it’s illegal for the FBI to catch him in his crimes. Innocent people don’t do what this administration is doing. If you go along with this you are lost. Please don’t be lost. Snap out of it. Too many people need you. If you give up your values and replace them with his it will be at least a decade before the young people in your life respect you again. It’s still not too late to change the course you’re on, but soon it will be. Act now. Be the hero!

At Penzeys, in our time speaking out we’ve learned through experience that good messages are shared. When a good message is combined with something of value for free it has even greater reach. And if you have a message that you wish would reach many-many people, combine it with something free of great value. Now seems more than ever to be a time to try and reach everybody. Please give thought to helping us by sharing this offer

So $34.95 value 8-jar American Heart and Soul boxes yours free with no purchase needed. If you can get to one of our stores by the end of day tomorrow these $34.95 boxes are flat-out free. Online at penzeys.com, they are still free but regular shipping fees will apply. Through tomorrow at midnight we’ve reduced our usual $30 minimum for shipping to just $20. I hope this helps.

To see the Penzeys American Heart and Soul Box click this link: https://www.penzeys.com/…/penzeys-america…/c-24/p-3121/pd-gb

To get your free $34.95 value 8-jar Soul box in one of our stores, just click this link for a coupon: http://spices.penzeys.com/Coupon-Sign-Up.html

Online at penzeys.com, to get your Soul box simply type “America” into the apply code box at checkout. No need to place the box into your cart, the code will do that for you. And if you are looking for a good deal to reach the reduced $20 minimum for free shipping the regularly $14.95 Joy of Cinnamon boxes for just $6.95 (3 for $20.85) is quite the value. Just like the reduced minimum for free shipping, no coupon or code is needed for the Joy of Cinnamon Box. https://www.penzeys.com/…/joy-of-cinnamon…/c-24/p-3109/pd-gb

And please spread the word, especially to those short on cash. If you can, bring them along with you to Penzeys. These are really nice boxes, possibly the best thing we’ve ever put together. These blends make up much of the soul of American cooking and each represents those souls brave enough to find their way to America whose courage has always made America great.

What we are standing up for isn’t happening in a vacuum. There really are those who want to limit our ability to spread our message that the very same kindness that works so well around the dinner table to build better futures works around the world as well. My hope is that there are fewer in this crowd after this last week. Still it has been your word-of-mouth that has kept us growing through this period. I would appreciate it greatly if you could keep that going for at least a little bit longer. Thanks.

And thanks for caring so much for the world around you that you actually take the time to cook. You heal the world, you really do.

Bill Penzey


p.s. Please find your own unique way to speak out, act up, or just make a difference. Though it may not always seem it, the courage of immigrants is in all our DNA. Now’s the time to put it to good use. And if you can think of anyone who might like $34.95 worth of 8 great blends, cool pin, brochure, and tip cards all for free please, share this post. Your word-of-mouth really is everything.

And once again, to see the 8-jar Soul box click here: https://www.penzeys.com/…/penzeys-america…/c-24/p-3121/pd-gb

There is a very good chance this will be the very best thing a business will ever give you for free. But these times call for extraordinary measures. Please do what you can.

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Response to japple (Original post)

Wed Mar 25, 2020, 03:10 AM

7. Great spices! Great company!

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