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Wed Oct 10, 2012, 10:29 PM

Ascension Update from Matt Kahn


The key right now is balance. The balance I am speaking of differs from the type of balance you would attempt to achieve, create, or cultivate. It is the type of balance that comes about by surrendering to your daily experiences, knowing everything that occurs can only support the expansion and emergence of your highest possible outcome. This ultimately means it's not your responsibility to stay balanced, but to allow balance to blossom in the aftermath of so many highs and tumultuous lows. Just by knowing what vital role the swinging back and forth between both sides of polarity plays, it allows feelings of instability and confusion to be accepted instead of being denied or judged. It is important to note, everything you are feeling and facing is assisting you in unraveling the imprints of outdated beliefs, so you may lighten the load in the body, in preparation for ascension. It is common to believe if things don't look or feel the way you want them to be, it must mean you're doing something wrong or going in the incorrect direction. There is no truth to this whatsoever. Every heavy or negative sensation that you feel indicates what is being released out of your energy field, at the rate in which you accept each feeling as a spontaneous moment of healing. When healing occurs on the cellular level, you become aware of it through the ups and downs of every emotional expression.

When balance is no longer believed to be your mission to fulfill, it is discovered as a perpetual evening out of polarity, where each emotional response can be honored, accepted and welcomed with openness and equality. If you find it difficult to honor sadness in the same way you'd welcome happiness, it simply indicates that you're focusing on the ideas imagined about sadness, versus exploring it like an unexpected burst of emotional fireworks. Here is an easy way to transition out of the limiting beliefs about feelings, such as sadness, so you may accept each feeling as a unique expression that is equal to the sum of the whole: No matter what feeling you have trouble accepting and honoring, allow yourself to let go of whatever you believe any feeling prevents you from experiencing.

When there is no sense that any particular feeling blocks you from exploring the miracle of life, there is no need to be anywhere else, but right here - making peace with whatever feeling has been judged in the past that is only here to inspire your most profound transformation.

By far, the most advanced spiritual practice cannot be found anywhere else but within the ups and downs of everyday life. It is the sincere heartfelt willingness to allow every feeling to be accepted and honored as being equal to the sum of the whole, no matter the situations that only exist to stir up what you're meant to feel and heal at this time. Always remember, what is healed in one is transformed in all. Your contributions positively affect every heart in existence, no matter how little evidence appears in your life. It also important to remember that the evidence you see appearing as life does not reflect the absolute truth of reality. Instead, you are viewing reflections of possibilities that remind you of the longstanding beliefs still rooted in your mind. Simply by opening up to present moment experiences as animated reflections of unresolved beliefs, you allow such patterns to unravel, so you may no longer be bound to the limiting end of infinite potential.

As you prepare for the first wave of ascension on October 24-28, always know the final step out of the old paradigm tends to feel like you're completely entangled or lost within it. The final step always tends to encapsulate the outdated paradigm in the most convincing of ways, but when you know everything foreshadows the opposite, you can rest in the appreciation and excitement of what is ready to emerge. The final step out of the old paradigm is also the first step into a new reality. By focusing on the fact that every experience can only progress you forward, knowing there is no such thing as going backwards in your journey, you allow yourself to step into the 5th dimension with ease and joy.

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