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Mon Aug 26, 2013, 02:33 AM


Clear Path out Of Deepening Global Crises-

Clear Path out Of Deepening Global Crises-Transformation of Human Consciousness and Spiritual Understanding

It is becoming clearer, with every passing day, that the path out our deepening global crises, in every form, is an individual and collective transformation of human consciousness and spiritual understanding. The reality that " The Hurt of One is the Hurt of All and the Honour of One is the Honour of All!

The dynamic global crises we are experiencing are not just environmental. The deteriorating situation is simply a hologram of what is happening economically, politically, ethically, and socially, everywhere on Mother Earth. Each of the global challenges before us is monumental, in and of themselves. What is becoming very apparent is that we are approaching an intersection where each of these challenges are poised to meet, a crossroad of global catastrophic potential.

We have very critical decisions before us. Each has their clear consequences. The prophecies and warnings of the Ancient Ones, our Wise Elders and our Spiritual Teachers and Messengers are crystal clear. This global movement that, on one hand is spiralling downward with increasing disintegration, entropy and destruction will continue until the life-enhancing and life preserving spiritual teachings and guiding principles that are at the heart of all living cultures and spiritual traditions are fully awakened, alive, integrated and unified within each of us. As the spiritual love, compassion, strength and unity of our Indigenous Peoples and other Members of the Human Family prayerfully awakens, surges, and gains strength, we will, without question, manifest the fullness of the Sacred Path of Healing, Compassion, Reconciliation, Forgiveness, and Unity long foretold in our Ancient Prophecies.

At the same time, In order to mitigate, reduce and avert the devastating, heart-rending global destruction that is looming before us, we have a responsibility, both individually and collectively to take bold, courageous, unified, co-creative and selfless action toward the positive alternatives that are required, without giving our spiritual and physical energy away fighting the negative and indulging fear. The choice of how our individual and collective future will unfold, in terms of timing and severity, is in each of our hands. The defining decisions, that will ultimately, as promised, lead us to a sustainable, harmonious, compassionate, unified and peaceful Future, are essentially spiritual in nature. May we all , make our decisions, with the utmost compassion, wisdom, selflessness, humility, faith, and world-embracing vision.

With Warm and Loving Greetings,

Brother Phil Jr.

Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations

2013 Created by Phil Lane Jr..

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