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Wed May 6, 2015, 08:45 PM





The recent series of squares have certainly seen national revolutions, not only in the Middle East, but also the Ukraine, the scene of Chernobyl at the last semisquare. Racial unrest and inequality has resurfaced in a big way across the USA, following a series of controversial police shootings. And computer viruses are no longer a local affair. Governments are snooping on individualsí privacy via the Internet and cyber warfare has the potential to cripple the energy supply of nations.

The energy threat is very real when considering that at the 1965 conjunction, a malfunction in an Ontario relay switch on November 9, at the beginning of the current cycle, meant the entire northeastern US and parts of Canada were blacked out. But perhaps blackouts are also symbolic of power structures failing through inefficiency in the system. And when it's failing, the important thing is to act.

Uranus squaring Pluto is always about the fight for individual rights within the controlling global bureaucracy. Like Glasnost and Perestroika, transparency and restructuring become inevitabilities within empires, be they overt or covert. Who would have suspected that a young NSA operative, at his discerning Saturn return, would blow the lid on his own organizationís bid for global control. Thatís the kind of jack in the box surprise that Uranus lands on Pluto during these times.

But one important thing to remember and honor here is - the power of one. It only takes one person to begin to change the system. It may be Henry Clay, it may be Martin Luther King, it may be Mikhail Gorbachev and it may be Edward Snowden. Or as we discovered last week, it may be a man covertly filming a police shooting in a park. They are all ordinary people who became extraordinary because when they saw that the Emperor really had no clothes Ė they actually said so.

The one given with Uranus Pluto is that it is unwise to shoot the messenger, or jail the whistleblower. Instead it's wiser to acknowledge the winds of change, and set sails for a different future. Thatís a truth available to each and every one of us that will always avert the eve of destruction and turn it instead into a dawn of hope.

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