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Mon Jul 13, 2015, 03:41 PM


Reclaim Your Inner Queen


Rarely do the stars align in such a way that it makes my jaw drop. But we’re entering such a period now, in which one potent point of the zodiac will be activated so strongly and repeatedly that an important message is obviously trying to get through. This message seems to be about shifting from the head to the heart, and doing whatever we can to save this planet before it is too late.

So it’s not surprising that the heavens reveal a uniquely fascinating window of time over the next few months. First, a little context. Around 26,000 years ago, women ruled the world. The role of the man in procreation was not yet known, so a woman’s ability to give birth made her all-powerful – the Goddess incarnate. At that time, the fixed star Regulus was transiting the sign of Virgo – the ‘virgin’ goddess Queen who is whole unto herself. As the only fixed star on the ecliptic, Regulus profoundly influences what happens on earth.

Around the time of Christ, Regulus shifted into Leo, a masculine sign, and became known as the “Little King.” But in 2011, Regulus re-entered Virgo – once again bringing feminine energy into prominence (for the next two thousand years). This is why we’ve been seeing women rising to power in the world, and claiming power at home and in relationships. We still have a long way to go before all our hearts are awakened (the goal of the feminine), but many of us are beginning to feel this happen.

Over the next few months, there will be FIVE activations of Regulus at zero Virgo – jolting and juicing us to accept and honor our feelings and love more authentically – and to take action on healing our beleaguered Earth. First, and most profound, is the July 25 retrograde station at zero Virgo of Venus, planet of love and the feminine. Anytime a planet stations, it exerts tremendous influence. Here, Venus is calling us to reclaim our inner Queen – the most confident, regal part of us. Venus in backward mode (through Sept. 6) is a time of honoring the feminine, remembering our worth and loving ourselves and others more deeply. It can also bring former lovers and desires back into our lives. Venus spends most of her retrograde in Leo the King, but begins and ends her sojourn in Virgo the Queen. So Venus is reweaving the ecstatic bonds between the divine masculine and feminine, within and without.

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