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Mon Dec 21, 2020, 10:03 PM

The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn -- happens on 12/21 at 1:20:30 pm


The Great Conjunction

2020 12 21 Jupiter Saturn Conjunction

One of the decade’s most important astrological events – the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn — happens on 12/21 at 1:20:30 pm (1:20 pm plus 30 seconds). Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct at 0°29′ Aquarius.

I owe a great debt of gratitude to the world-renowned astrologer Ray Merriman, whose outstanding article on this subject – The Great Mutation and the Start of a New Era: Jupiter and Saturn — is the foundation for this Great Conjunction forecast.


The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction happens every 20 years. This year it’s happening about 8 hours after the Winter Solstice, and on the same day! Proximity may increase power, and we haven’t had a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction this close to the earth since 1623. It will be visible to the naked eye, and will look like one planet.

This is one of the most celebrated celestial omens in ancient astrology. In fact, it was their most important event! Back in those times they didn’t know about anything beyond Saturn. When the two slowest planets they knew about, Jupiter and Saturn, came together, it was the biggest deal of all. (Many believe that the Star of Bethlehem, which lit up the ancient night sky in 7 BC, was a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the spiritual sign of Pisces.)

“New Beginning” Energy

The fact that today’s Great Conjunction is happening at 0° Aquarius really gets my attention. There are lots of different opinions about when the Aquarian Age starts. I can’t imagine a more potent indicator than this Great Conjunction shining forth in Aquarius’ first degree!

As if that wasn’t enough “new beginning” energy, this happens on the same day as the Winter Solstice. Many consider the Winter Solstice the start of the astrological New Year, since it’s the moment when each day starts to have more light. Of course, this solstice is also only a few days shy of January 1, New Year’s Day in our Gregorian calendar.

The Aquarian Age

This isn’t to say that there’s been no Aquarian energy so far. Obviously, the energy of this era made a dramatic entrance in the 1960s. “Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical”, which debuted in 1967, even spawned a hit song about the Age of Aquarius.

This Aquarian energy is widely known as the New Age movement, which has been steadily blossoming ever since. Things like meditation and yoga, which seemed weird and radical to many in the 60s, have now become mainstream.

The changing of an age doesn’t happen all at once. The Age of Aquarius had a major kickstart in the 1960s, thanks to that decade’s mighty Uranus-Pluto conjunction. Today’s Great Conjunction will give the Aquarian Age another major energy boost. After this, we should see the consciousness of love and light spreading more rapidly and universally.
Can Saturn play well with Aquarius and Uranus?

Saturn represents establishment, government and control. Uranus represents the collective and the populace, as well as freedom, independence and individuality. Uranus also represents mass protests, revolutions and great social unrest. We’ve certainly had no shortage of this in 2020, and we can expect a lot more in 2021.
The Great Mutation

What ups the ante even more is that this isn’t just a Great Conjunction. It’s also a Great Mutation! A Great Mutation occurs every 200 years, when the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction series moves into a different element.

Roughly speaking, there are 10 cycles of 20-year Great Conjunctions in each element: fire, earth, air and water. Right now the Great Mutation is shifting from earth to air.

Why am I “roughly speaking”? Because a typical 200-year Great Mutation cycle starts with eight Great Conjunctions in the same element. The ninth is a “preview” in the next element, while the 10th returns to the prior element. After this, the Great Mutation cycle starts again with eight Great Conjunctions in the new element.

Most recently, we had eight Great Conjunctions in earth. These were followed by an air Great Conjunction in 1980 and one last earth conjunction in 2000. Today we begin a series of eight air conjunctions. This Great Mutation air cycle will last through 2159.

The earth element favors the accumulation of wealth and power in controlled settings. Air is more free, and enjoys artistic, creative, and intellectual expressions. Innovative ideas are celebrated. As we’ll see below, this doesn’t happen all at once, but takes years to phase in.

This transition from earth to air could also see capitalism giving way to socialism, or one of its hybrids. This could include terrifying outcomes such as guaranteed free healthcare for all, instead of America’s current profit-based model that lets millions of uninsured or underinsured people suffer or die.

We can do better than some of the flawed socialist societies we’ve seen so far, which preach equitable distribution but really concentrate wealth at the top. The healthiest expression of Aquarius supports inspired individual expression that helps the collective thrive.

The blind pursuit of individual and corporate wealth — the relentless accumulation of property and power — has resulted in the environment going to hell and massive inequality in our social structures. This service-to-self juggernaut has created an extinction event that endangers humanity itself.

This is the first Great Mutation in air signs since 1226. The biggest event of that cycle was the Renaissance. Humanity emerged from the stagnant and corrupt Middle Ages into an extraordinary flowering of culture and creativity.
Air Sign Great Mutation

In the Great Mutation air cycle that starts today, we already have an extraordinary renaissance in communications. After the first air sign Great Conjunction in 1980, we saw the rise of the Internet. It took years to phase in, but really started taking off in the mid-90s. Now, in late 2020, free international video calling is commonplace. It no longer seems remarkable that we can instantly stream or download just about any movie, TV show, album or book ever created.

This air cycle will also be marked by stunning advances in technology. We already have self-driving cars, AI face recognition and private space companies. Yesterday’s science fiction has become today’s reality, and we’re just getting warmed up! Technology is moving at such a breathtaking pace that, according to many business experts, most of today’s jobs won’t exist in 10 years.

We’re entering a time of radical change – and not a moment too soon! Nothing less than radical change will avert our current crisis, where nothing less than the survival of most of the planet’s species, including ourselves, is at stake.

The energy of this Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is extraordinary. It initiates not only a 20-year Great Conjunction, but a 200-year Great Mutation. There hasn’t been a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction this close to earth in almost 400 years. It happens hours after the Winter Solstice. And it happens in the first degree of Aquarius, the sign of the new Golden Age we’re moving into. This is an amazing amount of “new beginning” energy!

Here is BainsBane post in General Discussion

For the first time in 800 years, you can watch a "great conjunction" of Jupiter and Saturn

About the author, Benjamin Bernstein


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